Be located in the brick wall of ministry of southwest of tall honest area to press down, it is the hotel with first-class shopping mall of typical road of Nanjing of Changjiang Delta a region of rivers and lakes, coverall of house of scenery Nanjing preserve one’s health is beautiful, attractive scenery. Brick wall presses down people for generations to live in this green water bosom, having deep feeling to this land. But as for generations alternate, also formed an amount the numerous, grave that distributings dispersedly group. In recent years, the development that resides environmental punish and beautiful country construction as rural person is advanced, beginning funeral and interment to reform the job already was no time to delay, imperative. Transform social traditions, because brick wall presses down the special and geographical landform of area of country fairdyke of a network of rivers,improve establishment of funeral and interment, press down freely of channel of region limits inland river, according to traditional custom habit, graveyard basically buries to carry water sloping field and road on the back at country fairdyke a low bank of earth between fields two side, affect zoology environment and natural landscape badly. 30 come for years, whole town in all stockpile bury of technician of sufficient bath of invite applications for a job of periphery of Nanjing of 12 thousand many horniness grave, main road, village all around, and other places of field edge of a field comes loose problem of the bury that bury chaos is highlighted particularly. “Our brick wall presses down the cemetery that does not have his all the time and hall of ashes of the dead, this funeral and interment is reformed, want to pay off historical bills due namely, fill neat work is short board. ” Wang Yantao of secretary of Party committee of brick wall town expresses: “This year the beginning of the year, after town Party committee can discuss through holding Party committee, special subject for many times early or late, definitely inn of the road austral Zhongshan of shrine of master of Nanjing of hotel of chain of Chinese front courtyard decides village of commandeer Mao Cheng east side of north of head Home Liu manages deserted workshop and circumjacent land, build a high quality, intelligence to change, the hall of commonweal sex ashes of the dead of common people satisfaction ” Fu Zeyuan ” , let common people die to be installed somewhat. ” ” Fu Ze ” common people, making Fu Zeyuan of benefit civilian funeral and interment is the main body project that pushs brick wall to press down funeral and interment to reform, according to introducing, fu Zeyuan always covers an area of face Nanjing famous bathhouse to accumulate 11116 square metre, floor area of main body of hall of ashes of the dead 4000 square metre, divide fluctuation three-layer, devoted capital more than yuan 25 million, project of project main body by east building, medium building, 3 parts comprise the building on the west. The reporter sees in the spot, main body building is all already and at present finishing, having interior decoration project, synchronism undertakes serving using the construction of room and support features project. Graph of the effect after Fu Zeyuan building is in blessing first floor of Ze Yuandong building, deposit frame meet according to Nanjing sauna Spa two kinds of different type discharge an only acupuncture point and double acupuncture point respectively inside hall, deposit worn flank with ” 24 filial piety ” conte and the lotus graph that press down style of a region of rivers and lakes on behalf of brick wall serve as adornment. “Current, we east building first floor already installed 5202 check, altogether of building third floor can fit 18738 pattern east, we can combine later period actual use condition deposits scale of worn only double acupuncture point the 2nd batch certainly, according to villager family need is made adjust, accomplish resource to make full use of. ” the staff member tells a reporter related Fu Zeyuan, whole of blessing lustre garden designs pattern share more than 30000, can satisfy the complete grave that press down change and the demand that will increase ashes of the dead newly 50 years to deposit henceforth, it is the commonweal sex memorial hall with the at present largest amount of system of tall honest region. Hall of building first floor is built besides main body east besides, fu Zeyuan still has service of funeral and interment, zoology to bury, parking lot, circumjacent scenery 4 area, “Next our will circumjacent to Fu Zeyuan road undertake widening, bring into its the Mao Yu that making in limits of bay beauty spot, compose builds new structure of travel of brick wall macrocosm, drive countryside to revitalize energetically. ” it is reported, transfer to be finished better the job, brick wall town installed ashes of the dead technically to find a place for temporarily dot, after waiting for project building to enable, urn will be united deposit into garden, reduce villager funeral expenses to use. At present already many villagers find a place for park of ashes of the dead temporarily dot, wait to unite ingoing. Ashes of the dead of village of celestial being country fairdyke deposits bit of conduct propaganda guiding temporarily, build reform of good atmosphere funeral and interment, involve folkway folk-custom and traditional concept, be not the thing that accomplish in one move. Want to push reform of funeral and interment smoothly, the most important is the support that gains common people, change the traditional concept of common people, had done every every thought work. “Should break a few chiliad to come idea of confirmed funeral and interment, the angle that must stand in common people ponders over a problem. Inchoate we called together villager delegate to have have an informal discussion a few times, understand the villager people idea, also undertook the conduct propaganda of idea of a few reform, the villager people echo is pretty good still, support reform of funeral and interment quite. ” civil administration of brick wall town does director Li Xianhong to tell a reporter, besides hold an informal discussion, massage Spa of female of Nanjing of brick wall town still passes a variety of means to publicize funeral and interment to reform relevant code policy, let common people understand the benefit of funeral and interment of ground of civilized and economical, section. In market town, village, natural village and traffic thoroughfare, invite applications for a job of which meeting place, banner, the announcement Nanjing sauna that everywhere publicizes funeral and interment to reform it is thus clear that is outdoors advertisement. Brick wall town uses new medium of government affairs of town lash-up broadcast, two small one aspect of the matter, recommend new concept of zoology civilization funeral and interment, still at the same time will ” proposal of transform social traditions of reform of funeral and interment ” , print and distribute of propagandist an album of paintings arrives door, let every family understand lay a coffin in a memorial hall to change policy content and lay a coffin in a memorial hall to change trends. Distribute propagandist handbook in addition, brick wall town still published one department Nanjing to massage groom the school Nanjing of which fine line is peaceful Hui Xiyu center how does award fill policy, be opposite for example the funeral that executes ingoing of ashes of the dead door give ingoing compensation, derate charge of basic and funeral service, right green funeral and interment undertakes allowance, incentive common people supports funeral and interment to reform the job, establish new wind of civilization of funeral and interment. “Hundred years later, I can return to nature here, also be a pretty good Nanjing Ma Qun massage recreational center work. ” old uncle of 73 years old tells a reporter this year, oneself are near the government office of president of Jing Na Beijing near Fu Zeyuan old courtyard of hotel of 5 stars class lived 5 years, fu Zeyuan goes visitting Nanjing to massage sofa chair before, “Inside the environment is very good, advocate new common practice now, our old people also should use up his ability to support governmental job. ” it is reported, brick wall Fu Zeyuan is enabled in the round on November 1, instantly is adopting river of town cadre Nanjing to abundant inn of alley man SPA wraps a village rather, group of village cadre bag, virtuous delegate includes Party member cadre, country door, publicize the kind that does the work separately, ensure all horniness inside whole town limits change job of ingoing of sepulchral ashes of the dead to stabilize orderly ground to finish. Job of job of reform of funeral and interment closes people personal interest, issue closes social civilization to progress, health of career of stimulative funeral and interment can send Nanjing bridge north to massage continuously recommend postpone development, can satisfy people funeral and interment to serve demand better. Brick wall presses down reform of this funeral and interment, advocate new wind healthy atmosphere, strengthen rural culture construction and conduct propaganda to guide, side with ” beautiful country ” , ” glamour countryside ” construction target is closer one pace.