Dispatch of dragon tiger net (Wang Ling of popular reporter of precious of Nie of reporter Sun Le) 24 days, the reporter learns from area of the Huaihe River of the Qin Dynasty, environment of periphery of area of scene of master shrine core is integrated punish project will be carried out at be being started formally recently, this punish involves way of garden of street of big stone dam, look up, justice promote alley 3 road, punish content includes go to the fields of wire of road face-lifting, rod, rain corrupt billabong, street lamp is bright change, outside the content such as landscape of punish establishing a range, afforest. Predict municipal civil engineer this year the bottom will be finished in October, face punish stands to go out outside building of along the line new this year the end of the year is finished. Area of master shrine scene is the urban sitting room of Nanjing and culture calling card, also representing the urban form of hill of ancient capital gold. Appearance of environment of periphery of area of scene of master shrine core, tourist of since other place comes to the first impression of master shrine, also be dweller of the Huaihe River of the Qin Dynasty touchs see for oneself green, walk trade the daily house place of scene. In demonstrative area of national macrocosm travel in establishing a procedure, qin Huai holds to ” area of be inspired by what one sees of the city zone, travel lives namely ” establish a concept, deepen character of area of promotion core scene meticulously already, issue great strength to advance the synchronous improvement of environment of scene area periphery continuously again, two-phase set off, bring out the best in each other. In recent years, area of the Huaihe River of the Qin Dynasty carried out thing of shrine of battalion teaching apply, master early or late city, big courtyard of 4 blessing alley, Yao Jia alley, tribute on the west an area environment such as the street is integrated punish project, executive effect got wide swarm is approbated numerously. This punish project involves way of garden of street of big stone dam, look up, justice promote alley. The city that regards scene area as periphery second dry road, afore-mentioned road already appeared at present the disease such as chamfer of hemp face, rut, interstitial, hole, settlement, existing traffic facilities is obsolete, wire of rod of partial crossing built on stilts is much, well lid sinks, landscape flowers is wild, edge street establishs face and inn to provoke the question such as dated damaged. These not only the landscape figure with area of scene of master shrine core is antipathetic, also put in certain safe hidden trouble. Punish project is in charge of carrying out by limited company of group of tourism of culture of Nanjing master shrine, the road fabric width that after transforming, will keep existing spends the number of channels that reach a car. Among them, project of street of big stone dam will finish 760 meters of rain corrupt billabong is in charge of, add weak fulgurite channel newly, go to the fields of wire of rod of the along the line that finish; Change, add street lamp in all 35. Street of big stone dam on the west paragraph (Lai Yanlu comes road of smooth river government office) make an appointment with 500 meters endlong, the stone capable person that finishs 6000 square metre the shop is held and establish face punish along street architectural entirely; Street of big stone dam east paragraph (road of smooth river government office comes long Bai Jie) make an appointment with 260 meters endlong, the pitch that finishs 3500 square metre booth is spread and build punish establishing a range. Involved construction establishs a range, according to environment of master shrine whole the requirement undertakes going out new, colour is given priority to with red, white, ash, aureate for the ornament, with scene area building of appearance of bright cool breeze suits. Road of look up garden has China way on the west, tribute courtyard market reachs east, make an appointment with 370 meters endlong. The project will finish 370 meters of rain corrupt billabong is in charge of, add weak fulgurite channel newly, go to the fields of wire of rod of the along the line that finish; Change, add street lamp in all 52, right square dial reachs master shrine on the west greenbelt undertakes landscape promotes among road. Justice promote long Le Lu comes south alley, north comes road of look up garden, make an appointment with 210 meters endlong, the project will finish 210 meters of rain corrupt billabong is in charge of, add weak fulgurite channel newly 4 aperture, go to the fields of wire of rod of the along the line that finish; Change, add street lamp in all 6, the outfit of stone material shop that completes 4000 square metre and 3 buildings establish a face to go out new. The building establishs a face to give new style and street of big stone dam to agree. According to environment of master shrine periphery command post of integrated punish engineering introduces, make project of high-quality goods project, common feelings of people for effort, this punish will fulfil essence of life strictly to refine construction management to ask, change from area surround block, change 3 respects such as punish of management, democratization to optimize construction subtly. Pass through to ensure scene area road demand, the biggest change the effect that reduces a project to go to going out, this next process turns executive area surround block. Plan of district of look up garden comes from May 26 undertake half range road closes during September 30 construction, go ahead of the rest closes half range road, additional half range road by on the west eastwards one-way and current; After waiting for construction to finish, close all right again road of additional half range. Street of big stone dam uses section to close construction, close time comes from May 26 on September 30; Specific will with motor vehicle of village of Jin Ling brake passageway is nodded for dividing line on the west, edge stuff is two paragraphs to cent, undertake the pace is transformed dividing. Close above all long Bai Jie reachs a village on the west passageway paragraph motor-driven driveway, after waiting for construction to finish, close all right again passageway reachs the village on the west the motor-driven driveway of a section of a highway of smooth river government office. Close according to above plan, in construction process, construction unit is returned the requirement according to spot circumstance and construction craft, as far as possible compress construction to surround block close area, construction work area area is changed differentiate, close one place, construction is in, finish one place, open one place; Do one’s best alleviate traffic has a pressure. According to Qin Huai the area is made ” the cleanest the city zone ” requirement, administrative field is refined in essence of life, construction site monitors air of setting environmental protection the card, dirt of facilitating control raise. In the meantime, use but uninterrupted use intelligent mist artillery piece falls dirt equipment, to excavate the dot, place that does away with a dot to wait for dirt of easy generation raise undertakes falling dirt. The project still will combine technology of calculative of Internet, big data, cloud, build real name to formulate platform of monitoring of management, safety administration, video, monitoring of video of have the aid of, infra-red call the police wait for technical measure, carry out 24 hours of building site real time monitoring. To optimize the programme of construction adequately, highlight democratic punish fundamental, environment of master shrine periphery is integrated punish engineering command post in May the middle ten days of a month already extended ” accuse a dweller to be believed ” 500, held dweller discuss official business to meet, impart road and the pertinent information of construction establishing a range masses, collect dweller opinion to suggest, solve dweller doubt. In engineering construction process, construction still just welcomes setting resident the drop temporarily, arrangement person specially assigned for a task is in charge of masses recieving, connection phone is 13357812588, those who endeavor to solve a dweller is reasonable appeal to beg, accelerate repair process, effort general construction to circumjacent dweller the influence of business door falls the smallest.


Dispatch of dragon tiger net (Sun Le of reporter of reporter king Ling) the ground of the assemble that the builds a wall ground that Qin Huai is ancient capital Nanjing, ground of the be pregnant with that Jin Lingwen changes, recreational culture travels, sit those who have new market opening is flourishing, the romance of river of the Huaihe River of the Qin Dynasty, of bright city wall grand, pay a debt of gratitude of the temple gallant, particular travel resource condition develops harbour to expand power completely for travel, area of the Huaihe River of the Qin Dynasty is selected 2016 first ” demonstrative area of national macrocosm travel ” found list. In recent years, area of the Huaihe River of the Qin Dynasty closely around ” protection updates old city, development to build new wall ” overall situation, hold to ” area of be inspired by what one sees of the city zone, travel lives namely ” concept, drive implementation actively to macrocosm of establishment of configuration of macrocosm of element of layout of travel product macrocosm, travel, travel is optimized and travel industrial macrocosm is enclothed. On May 2 morning, area of the Huaihe River of the Qin Dynasty holds demonstrative area of national macrocosm travel to found the job to advance and countrywide travel standardizes pilot unit to establish the plenary session that start. As we have learned, area of the Huaihe River of the Qin Dynasty achieved travel gross earnings 2017 54.5 billion yuan, increase compared to the same period 13.7% . The tourist outside recieving churchyard 54.18 million person-time, increase compared to the same period 5.7% . Tourism increases a value to achieve 7.08 billion yuan, grow 10.5% compared to the same period, hold proportion of area total output value for 8.9% . Integrated to national economy contribution takes travel property than achieving 16% . “Area of the Huaihe River of the Qin Dynasty regards those who establish macrocosm travel demonstrative division as the biggest characteristic protection of historical culture famous city, exert oneself is modelled ‘ special and essence of life, most Nanjing ‘ urban style and features. ” area of the Huaihe River of the Qin Dynasty appoint Si Yong of deputy warden of government of vice secretary, district, acting warden tells a reporter, ” high-quality goods construction of travel culture project and landscape model union, ‘ 935 ‘ during, whole area shares project of key travel culture 27, total investment exceeds 20 billion yuan. ” river of the Huaihe River of the Qin Dynasty is made ” garden of water system catchment ” , beauty of green, scene, boat tells Qing Dynasty of water of implementation of whole drainage area, bank: The gallery in sky of bright city wall, inside the city, suburban imperial examinations of; of be well versed in of the whole line of slow travel green line is museum, big pay a debt of gratitude the temple makes Nanjing’s new culture ground bid: Laomen east, area of garden of the road austral peace and tranquility, culture becomes citizen visitor recreational elegant the new option that get together, new site: Inside old city limits ” water, land, empty ” pattern of space of stereo macrocosm travel is preliminary form, the characteristic landscape that revealed be well versed in of be in harmony of photograph of situation of an organic whole of river of city of area of the Huaihe River of the Qin Dynasty, city, inside and outside adequately and humanitarian glamour. We still carried out opening of master shrine, new market to wait for punish of key area environment, make the alleyway of window area off-street the appearance of a city standard of neat, mark, establishment reliable, night scene is bright beautiful, management is orderly. From humanitarian history, recreational travel, slow travel the angle of zoology of the life, green sets out, advanced inside, outside environment of Qin Huai river is integrated punish, park of promotion of the landscape in processing of wadi of river of the Huaihe River of less than the Qin Dynasty, Xi Wuhua, egret continent is transformed, outside Qin Huai river swims the project project such as line environment punish attachs most importance to a dot, make Shui Qingan what green, Jing Meichuan connects is high quality space of urban bank water. Advance corner · to encounter project construction, year adds · of 40 place corner newly to encounter culture recreational space, embedded travel serves a function, rich culture is recreational swim experience. Executive brand shapes action plan, outstanding ” lantern show of the Huaihe River of the Qin Dynasty ” , ” Qin Huai is fastfood ” , ” Qin Huaili content ” wait for brand uniqueness, make provide alone inside the whole nation and even whole world limits differentiate characteristic, high spent travel brand. Future, area of the Huaihe River of the Qin Dynasty needs the good life that grows increasingly around contented people closely, buckle closely begin pair of mark to look for difference in the round, innovation get right on the job, prompt the working demand that high quality expands, hold macrocosm travel to develop good good luck, promote development of high quality of travel of the Huaihe River of the Qin Dynasty, implementation tourism transition upgrades, urban function character is optimized and people happiness feeling, win feeling promotion, become international to build Qin Huai famous, home’s famous culture is recreational travel destination lays next solid foundations.


Dispatch of dragon tiger net (Xie Ying of reporter of Ning Huqi exercitation laughs at reporter Xiao Ning) tax of Qin Huai land surrounds winding to knit income center to work cheek by jowl, firmly holds ” put a canal to take ” the working theme of reform, firm stresses income quality, aggrandizement taxation asks for a canal, advance development of depth of the reform that ask for a canal ceaselessly, promote taxation to impose tubal standard hard. It is ” 3 severe 30 ” promotion counts careful quality. Collect to data, type, the link such as examine and verify, desired result, processing carries out tight control, the monitoring of examine and verify that clear person specially assigned for a task undertakes normalization, system is changed to of all kinds data, choose integrated, seasonable correct errors in printing, real time to safeguard. Father to close data entrance, strive data collects 0 accident; Father to pass data than be opposite, strive to communicate guidance 0 obstacles; Father to close data examine and verify, strive normal runs 0 trip, promoted fundamental data management and revenue level of management promote steadily. 2 be ” tripartite linkage ” promotion ask forring provides index. Analyse index difference deep above all advocate objective cause of formation, from subjective on look for difference, force, the Chongzhongzhi that regards work of main body business as efficiency of canal of promotion ask forring is heavy. Next leader of bureau of tax of land of the Huaihe River of the Qin Dynasty guides a gleam of of section office development actively to study an analysis, timely the key target that combs a level sex to be badly in need of solving, main doubtful point, seek accurate issue, piece idea, calm measure, beg actual effect. Build finally perfected ” rewards and punishment of the bulletin of the examination that press a month, assessment that press season ” working mechanism, make base oneself upon of post of basic level place, government post of this annulus abridged edition is powerful foundation, catch fulfil. 3 it is multibarrel issues promotion risk together to answer efficiency. Implement risk management concept, system and method, perfect taxation risk manages moving mechanism, ensure the standard is operated, be on guard risk, participate in systematic car the many taxation risk such as service industry of wholesale and retail, hotel identifies model construction, develop function of specific item place adequately, more complex moderate risk answers data of bigger to informing against dimensions of case, enterprise, doubtful point hand in handle by its, promote taxation risk level of management ceaselessly.


Dispatch of dragon tiger net (Sun Le of reporter of reporter king Ling) on April 26 afternoon, 2018 Sino-US youths achieve competion area of guest contest Nanjing to start a ceremony to be versed in in Nanjing manage hall of university science and technology is held ceremoniously, cooperation Agency of many 60 contest and enterprise delegate attend a ceremony. As we have learned, trials of Nanjing competion area will come to was versed in in Nanjing manage university gymnasium is held on June 3, 2018 on June 1, 2018, the group that is seleted trials this year will increase to 50, group of teenage experience group increases to 10, the college in and other places of Jiangsu, Anhui, Zhejiang, enterprise mixes match general the space that achieve an objective is collected take part in the match project, first prize of Sino-US August final 100 thousand yuan. If project of bear the palm of Nanjing competion area does poineering work in be born of area of the Huaihe River of the Qin Dynasty will enjoy the capital support of more than 500 thousand. Nanjing issues development of estate of new and high technology to be in charge of in vain appoint meeting Liu Aiyue of skilled personnel section chief tells a reporter, “Grain industry had held the contest that achieve an objective 3 times continuously south, also be Qin Huai is mixed this south grain industry advances ‘ further one confluence of two be born ‘ , especially ‘ of confluence of ‘ school ground this one. These talent groups that we hope choose comes out can stay in Nanjing, be aimed at high grade project so, we also took out full sincerity — 800 thousand yuan policy great gift includes value! ” the reporter learns, 800 thousand yuan policy great gift is wrapped, the starting fund that included 500 thousand yuan among them, 100 office of smooth rice use a room (avoid hire 3 years) and the 100 talent apartment of smooth rice (avoid hire 3 years) . “These 800 thousand yuan policy great gift is wrapped, it is not to include the prize in the contest medium, if the project of bear the palm of Nanjing competion area does poineering work in be born of area of the Huaihe River of the Qin Dynasty, will enjoy this privilege. Bag of this great gift also can help an enterprise solve 3 years the main demand inside newly established period! ” at present match network address signing up already debutted now, network address of entry Www.chinaus-maker.org government signs up, player age 18 to 40 years old, date of expiration of Nanjing competion area signing up on May 25.


Dispatch of dragon tiger net (reporter Li Yuan) to deepen restful, law Qin Huai is built, safety of masses of exert oneself promotion feels and law satisfaction is spent, the safe environment that makes progress of high quality of the Huaihe River of the Qin Dynasty ceaselessly and law environment, today (on May 24) afternoon, street put together manages double pool do associated community to teach a center in the road austral Zhongshan 800 square held ” restful · legal system is acting ” and ” road of Chinese dream, law, community goes ” square activity. (spot conduct propaganda is exhibited board reveal) mobile spot is passed street the law construction conduct propaganda that each community place reveals is exhibited board and restful law publicizes banner of single page, conduct propaganda in the action, reflective basic level develops case of law, restful construction, reveal harmonious community to build new atmosphere. (Yun Jinyi art performs the spot) the program such as small interlocution of the literary performance that wonderful confused shows and general law knowledge not only the take an active part ining that attracts spot dweller, win everybody’s acclamation, also publicized double pond to the dweller at the same time street in recent years achievement of restful law construction and the meaning that achieve restful and harmonious society in all. “The activity made us farther grow to found knowledge in safety, also let us learn to get constitution content. ” dweller king lady tells a reporter. (mobile spot is street and relevant function section office provides advisory service for the dweller) judicatory, prohibit poison, civil administration. . . . . The reporter sees in the spot function section office furnishs information desk related street organization, the dweller that watchs to come round provides advisory service, offer free blood pressure to measure service and experience of oral cavity examination for them. The reporter understands, bencipingan rules by law propaganda, aim to show double pool street advance restful Qin Huai, law Qin Huai to build program, act and achievement, the witting rate that promotion people builds to restful construction, law, participate in rate and satisfactory rate, make a dweller collective build learn the law, good atmosphere that knows law, usage.


Dragon tiger net (Zhou Zhiqian of reporter of reporter king Ling) on April 15 afternoon, the whole people was read 2018 activity and ” You Jianqin the Huaihe River ” the series activity that start is formal open. The theme of this second activity is: Read make the life better. The spot makes an appointment with 200 more than person to enter an activity. Mobile spot, library of area of the Huaihe River of the Qin Dynasty and read an organization to sign strategic cooperation agreement; The network reads a website — yam net is 12 street gave books; Limited company of development of online education science and technology also is Beijing Chinese 12 street extended ” book sweet Qin Huai ” the whole people reads card. After the ceremony that start ends, “You Jianqin the Huaihe River ” series read an activity to also greet first lecture — ” Nanjing city history ” , give a lecture invited vice-chairman of association of Nanjing city writer, well-known writer, scholar Yang Xianwen of expert of Xue Bing and research of history of place of area of the Huaihe River of the Qin Dynasty. As we have learned, “You Jianqin the Huaihe River ” series activity aims culture of the Huaihe River of deepness mining the Qin Dynasty, it is carrier with circuitry of the tourist attraction inside the area, travel, read for down-lead, expert lecture and visit on the spot collateral, explore the tourist attraction backside that those are familiar with very much it seems that jointly, the allusion with our new place and history.