Dispatch of dragon tiger net (Dai Meimei of reporter Chen Jie’s reporter) during the part that weigh this world comes, much ground develops the activity of formal diversity, the Chinese nation is promoted in whole society honour the traditional goodness with old old love. On October 13 morning, hui Min of Nanjing city culture ” 1 billion projects ” the double pond that square of show of 100 2018 commonweal goes is street greet show of show intended for a limited audience of play of heavy Yang Yang to be in small theater of double pond elementary school is held ceremoniously, this second activity attracts more than 200 masses to come round to watch a show. (raise drama is performed ” fortune-telling of king a blind person ” ) ” the edge closes 3000 lis, cold kiln ten years, my heart is like the bright moon, before often illuminating Xue Lang ” . ” swan goose sends a book ” the look that drew the dweller below the stage. This the activity invited Jiangsu province to act art the outstanding artists of group raise troupe brought a country for masses of double pond dweller the wonderful a list of plays of drama of raise of immaterial culture bequest, ” swan goose sends a book ” , ” Fang Qing be ashamed tentativelies ” , ” fortune-telling of king a blind person ” , the country such as Liu Ying, Ma Xiaoxiang one, the wonderful performance of 2 stage actor, invite attendant audience people experienced traditional and Thespian distinctive glamour, win blast an applause. The dweller praises: “The performance is very wonderful, do public of field show press close to, press close to lives. ” the gem that the opera is China culture, inheritance is worn the culture gene of active state of the Chinese nation, blossomming to seize look colour in the historical endless flow with endless the Chinese nation. Street and relevant controller represents double pool, street the show of culture special performance that will carry much showing number, those who let broad dweller friends experience traditional culture is broad and profound the great achievements of again and again with culture Hui Min.


Dispatch of dragon tiger net (sweet Hong Yunju of precious of Nie of Sun Le of reporter of reporter king Ling) elevator and tower hoisting ” black box ” , wind cannot be operated again since ring of too big alarm; The worker goes to work with ” face ” brush, 3 enter without personnel do not go; Accident of safety of VR technology imitate, the worker accepts safe education more take a heart… these are reporters today (on October 23) be in afternoon Qin Huai area building site of the first wisdom — spot of project of Na Zhihui headquarters sees the wall. It is reported, “Wisdom building site ” use the cloud to serve a framework namely, integrated application sensor, wireless pass computation of the technology of content couplet net such as feeling net, VR virtual reality technology, multimedia technology, cloud to wait for technical photograph union, compose builds informatization of construction site spot to run a system, make up for traditional plan and technology effectively the blemish in superintend. Relevant controller expresses, wisdom building site becomes passive ” superintend ” for active ” monitoring ” , such safer, more green land improved project quality. The reporter sees in the spot, checkpost door ave mouth of gate of building site of headquarters of the wisdom austral 19 cities, real name makes employee passage very conspicuous, 3 gate and subway throttle valve are same, employee commutes, must wear safety helmet to brush a face to perhaps brush calorie of pass in and out. Division of the Huaihe River of the Qin Dynasty achieves Li Changwei of group vise general manager to say, this gate was brought to the management of building site employee convenient, have nothing to do on one hand personnel cannot enter building site, there is how many person to go to work everyday on building site at the same time, time going to work how long, whether does the personnel when coming off work leave building site entirely, this system can accurate come down without by accident record: “Person face identifies a system, data input. Avoid 3 without personnel, not Id, safe without the course groom, the person that does not have a contract cannot employ. The member that be not normal construction person is entered do not come, somebody facial identifying. Another is protected to laborer rights and interests, circumstance of be out on duty, salary extends, suffer education to groom it is inside. ” according to the regulation, all personnel should have building site safety grooms. In spot of wisdom building site, oral before safety grooms place of system be demonstratinged by VR education is replaced, workers had appareled this system, begin to operate, one does not take care, accident of safety of a simulative frightens the person is terrifyingly: “Discuss case orally before, his impression is not deep, now VR technology, intermediate imitate is very much the circumstance of safe accident, he is operated in violate the rules and regulations operates accident of building site safety, feel shocking. The effect is first-rate! This rises to safe consciousness very effective. ” a lot of building site have tower crane, elevator these large machinery, annual the accident that these machinery cause because of breakdown or weather reason also sees common occurance. Li Changwei tells a reporter, to assure the safety of large machinery, use advanced Internet technology, tower crane of their wisdom building site, elevator mount black box, occupy real time monitoring to all number, data is incorrect call the police automatically, and encounter fresh gale heavy rain, the operating system is shut automatically, assure safety: “Monitoring of real time safety leaves construction machine, relevant data backstage is transmitted, data has problem spot tiring-room to call the police, overweighted, wind speed is high oneself can stop, you want to operate an operation not to rise. ” there is an indication hold in room of direct of this wisdom building site, roll indication move photographs the picture that resembles a head on building site 24 times above, and the data such as temperature of worker information, building site, humidity, PM2.5, PM10, noise. Li Changwei introduces, what big screen shows is building site long-range supervisory system and supervisory system of real time environment. Long-range supervisory system can let the person besides a thousand li, a mobile phone is OK and relaxed check of make one’s rounds is whole building site, return the case before putting even. And supervisory system of real time environment carries the of all kinds sensor such as wind direction of temperature and humidity, wind speed, atmospheric pressure, undertake to the information such as the PM2.5 of construction site, noise real time is monitored, linkage gush drenchs the system falls automatically dirt, remind a worker to avoid to issue construction in harsh environment, reduce accident hidden danger, promote construction quality.

南京 水疗面膜怎么做

Dispatch of dragon tiger net (precious of Nie of Sun Le of reporter of reporter king Ling is sweet) revive clique miniascape is it is one of traditional art with fine the Chinese nation, the curiosa of gardens art. On October 21 morning, travel of hill of Suzhou tiger grave is recommended can hold in Nanjing master square, this Hu Qiu miniascape exhibition is located in Shansupa Nanjing China imperial examinations museum (courtyard of Changjiang Delta tribute) south courtyard and boreal courtyard, the activity ends to will end on October 24. Recommend can reveal the culture such as path of Suzhou Kunqu opera, storytelling and ballad singing in Suzhou dialect, tea to experience content, publicize gimmick through what activity is united in wedlock, lingering mild and indirect, Rou Manyou long Kunqu opera music for voices in a Chinese opera, Wu Yu tells the tradition such as saying conventional clapper talks to be not art of involuntary discharge of urine to present an audience. Mobile spot not only appreciate Wu Zhong the first scenic spot elegant demeanour and culture of Changjiang Delta opera, still can appreciate suggestion of picture of careful and elegance of of primitive simplicity, address, poetics revive clique miniascape glamour. As we have learned, revive clique miniascape is given priority to with cutting, it is in order to plunge into complementary, make careful, address person small, grant person with the feeling with elegance, beautiful, fast, fluent friend, this second include showpiece ” stub miniascape ” and ” water stone miniascape ” two kinds of miniascape in all miniascape of 29 high-quality goods, combinative shop core circles type water scene to form the visual regale with scene line scene, will contemporary collide with traditional photograph, appear piece revive clique miniascape ” with small see big, shrink Long Chengcun ” artistic style. In the meantime, the activity having reward such as small photography of interlocution of the knowledge below the line on the line, miniascape still can enter during the activity, participate in an activity to win entrance ticket of area of scene of hill of grave extraction a tiger with respect to organic meeting, serve Hu Qiu the force of hill glamour for you.


Dispatch of dragon tiger net (Dai Meimei of reporter Jin Rui’s reporter) ” reduce calamity loss, creation happiness lives ” it is this year the theme that the 29th international decreases calamity day. To raise community dweller take precautions against natural calamities to decrease calamity consciousness is mixed save oneself each other saves ability, today (on October 12) afternoon, community of battalion of street lotus seed begins master shrine international reduced calamity day activity 2018. Publicize formal diversity, raise citizen take precautions against natural calamities to decrease calamity consciousness ” oily boiler on fire, we what should the first thing do? ” the contest having reward of the spot answers the passion that link aroused community dweller to participate in and enthusiasm. This the activity adopts wonderful program performance, pensile banner, extend 1000 take precautions against natural calamities decrease calamity to publicize the means such as data manual to undertake conduct propaganda, make a dweller thorough understand take precautions against natural calamities to decrease calamity and save oneself knowledge. “Oily boiler on fire should cover with boiler lid. ” Ms. Rong Xiulan that ever was an electric welder is blurted out. She tells a reporter, this activity has educational sense very much, “As the dweller, we should have take precautions against natural calamities to decrease calamity consciousness, especially community old people should have these knowledge more. ” bugle of horn blow safety, 6 lash-up shelter takes refugee for the dweller the calamity risk that reduces community to be faced with, build more safe home, community of lotus seed battalion adopts a series of actions and practice, the life property that ensures community dweller is safe. “Community of lotus seed battalion reminds a dweller friends close good door window, lock up good car, fire prevention guard against theft prevents bilk. ” mixed at 9 o’clock in the morning everyday afternoon at 3 o’clock, community of lotus seed battalion can come out this one word. The reporter understands, this is begin by community volunteer ” small horn ” safety patrols activity, already began time of at least 10 years at present. Besides remind ferially, after happening to answer sudden calamity incident, can offer the people urgent and scattered, live temporarily, this community decides door park in fierce of lotus seed battalion, accumulate center of garden of the golden market, industry that understand benefit, elegant, east water closes camp of relics park, lotus seed Xiaoou built lash-up to take refugee respectively place. The reporter learns, community of lotus seed battalion begins take precautions against natural calamities every year twice to decrease calamity propaganda. Decrease calamity consciousness to promote a dweller take precautions against natural calamities stage by stage, community of lotus seed battalion will have specific aim ground to strengthen take precautions against natural calamities to decrease calamity to publicize education, the take precautions against natural calamities in the attention discovers and arranging a dweller to live daily reduces calamity little common sense and little technical ability, be popularized energetically and popularize the popular science that suits characteristic of local calamity risk knowledge and save oneself each other saves skill, innovation take precautions against natural calamities decreases calamity activity form and propagandist carrier.


Dispatch of dragon tiger net (Nie Zhen of reporter Wang Ling’s reporter is sweet) to reveal Qin Huai adequately cate culture insides information, what promote Qin Huai fastfood brand further is famous spend and beautiful praise degree, master shrine – area of scene of belt of scene of the Huaihe River of the Qin Dynasty will come 30 days on October 10, hold cate exhibited master shrine fall 2018 activity. This second high-quality goods exhibits set 3 to exhibit an area in all: It is a theme fastfood banquet exhibits an area (Qin Huai’s other people banqueting hall of building of berth of 2 buildings night) , every exhibit a stage to be shown in all 6 cold go all out, 4 hot food, fastfood or mug-up, reveal dietary culture with the means of complete banquet, make the person is in the ground of heart can general view all directions tastes, appreciate different local folk-custom amorous feelings. 2 it is characteristic fastfood exhibit an area (2 buildings hear Qin Huai’s someone banqueting hall of pluvial a small room) , handpick 3 to 5 fastfood or mug-up, the key reflects fastfood culture, reveal spirit of enterprise. 3 it is fascia fastfood spot tastes area of appraise through comparison of ancient bronze mirror (Qin Huai’s other people 2 Lou Qinpu hall) , reflect dietary culture and Nanjing distinguishing feature, reveal the inheritance of the fastfood craft that make and innovation, the organizing committee is invited provincial have with place famous spent expert, Great Master holds the position of a commissioner, the spot tastes ancient bronze mirror and issue relevant and honorary letter. Zhang Bin of division commander of hutch of other people of the Huaihe River of the Qin Dynasty tells a reporter, qin Huai is fastfood 8 absolutely, go into the street with the history namely the edge is fastfood for the foundation, arrange inheritance to add innovation, 8 when make do a drop, 8 confect. And Qin Huai’s fastfood inheritance also is very important, laocheng celebrates the Chen Ru that send a person to tell a reporter, old Cheng Qing 100 will how to had done boiling water of vermicelli made from bean starch of blood of a bowl of duck with respect to inheritance and development for years. According to the standard of old Cheng Qing, soup of duck blood vermicelli made from bean starch, must be old duck boils boiling water, blood of fresh and tender duck, the burden such as bowel of duck liver duck should thoroughly cook secret to make apart, vermicelli made from bean starch wants custom-built yam white, had these Yan Ke’s demands, just can make soup of a bowl of delicious duck blood vermicelli made from bean starch. Exhibit during the meeting, garden of other people of the Huaihe River of the Qin Dynasty, peace and happiness, strange the famous and fastfood enterprise such as fragrant cabinet, cafes asking willow, as fastfood as the other place string together into guild, pass compare notes of culture communication, craft, mutual study, let citizen tourist be in not only the Nanjing, fastfood name dot that can taste savor master shrine in Qin Huai, the fascia that also can experience nonlocal tunnel is authentic is fastfood flavour, implementation is promoted jointly, joint promotion. Start scene division business, tourist attraction to combine at the same time together, develop ” cate beautiful scenery ” assorted travel product, circuitry of series connection travel, make cooperate feed a passport, serve as ” gift of the Huaihe River of the Qin Dynasty ” give citizen visitor. In addition, exhibit during the meeting, master shrine – area of scene of belt of scene of the Huaihe River of the Qin Dynasty still will capture Qin Huai scene take a view scenic spot the area is selected save first sincere letter to set an example completely the chance of block, concern a section jointly with the area, according to fastfood enterprise (businessman) management criterion for evaluation, to scene area (contain the door east) fastfood enterprise undertakes dimensions examination, examine, integrated phase evaluates a result, timely undertake giving a shop sign to criticizing actor company.


Dispatch of dragon tiger net (Nie Zhen of reporter of reporter king Ling is sweet) on October 20, profession of worker of city of 2018 year Nanjing (industry) contest of technical ability of craft of skill contest folk and the 4th ” inheritance and promote cup of · Number One Scholar ” contest of technical ability of craft of folk of Nanjing master shrine, in China one of temple of 4 big article, China opens area of core of area of scene of travel of stage of type country AAAAA famously — Nanjing master shrine becomes hall square to be held ceremoniously greatly. Come from many 120 whole town civilian craft ace of all trades and professions, teenage lover and international student to assemble in, play the game of the category of 20 many craft such as colored-lantern making, kite, sculpture, paper-cut, pyrography, embroidery respectively, be made through the spot and ” absolutely vivid ” reveal, than going out ” Number One Scholar ” , game went ” innovation hotshot ” , for Gu Chengna Beijing, beautiful Qin Huai is acted according to got on ” inheritance folk-custom, show talent, transcend self, promote the quintessence of Chinese culture ” civilian technology is old than going all out. It is reported, current competition cent is planar handicraft and stereo handicraft two kinds big, include the 20 many individual event such as colored-lantern making, kite, sculpture and paper-cut, pyrography, embroidery. Take part in the match the object covered Nanjing (include an other place to be in peaceful permanent population) the person that be engaged in afore-mentioned project handicraft 87 people, lover of teacher of middle and primary school 15 people of 8 people and student. International student 10. Those who pass 3 hours is intense than going all out, chose award of 4 2 first prize, second-class award, 6 third class finally. Among them, gu Yean of first prize gainer, Li Jihua is awarded by city federation of trade unions ” 51 innovation hotshot of Nanjing city ” title, player of other bear the palm grants corresponding honorary title by area of the Huaihe River of the Qin Dynasty. This year Liu Youwen of 75 years old is person of inheritance of provincial blame involuntary discharge of urine, also be city class Great Master of arts and crafts. Had won a lot of award he also is taking a son today (Liu Min, nanjing craftsman) come to agonistic site, “I do festive lantern to had had 60 old, so old experience comes down, my feeling is, innovation is better inheritance, had innovation to just can have the market. Scarcely can be invariable, in that way vitality is abate! ” Liu Youwen earlies childhood, old early previously, the market of festive lantern is not very good, to Yuanxiao only ability sells that paragraph of time to go out. But offer as a gift to be not as the government of inheritance strength increase, the market of festive lantern is very good now, although be absent any of the twelve animals year also meet very good sell. A 2000-3000 can sell during general Spring Festival, common every time exhibition also can sell a 30-50, “We are in 2016 when opened a net store, begin from 2017 now, the business of net inn is first-rate, can sell a 30-50 everyday! ” the reporter understands, the festive lantern price in inn of Liu Youwen net is in commonly 100-200 yuan between, most client is bought still basically is to use as souvenir or gift. With what differ before be, return this special invited all previous ” Qin Huai craftsman ” take part in the match, from inside player work and work of player of current first prize, chose integrated project the first regards Nanjing city as candidate of 51 labor medallist, to city worker profession (industry) skill contest organizing committee is recommended declare. Wang Xiangming of chairman of federation of trade unions of leader of district of the Huaihe River of the Qin Dynasty, region is in spot speech still point out, this brand activity has become the craft of folk of inheritance of area of the Huaihe River of the Qin Dynasty, main platform that promotes traditional culture, “Hope we will have Great Masters of more traditional folk craft henceforth, can be fostered and take a few promising young people, many taste newly, actor is tasted, high-quality goods, make due contribution for the bequest of outstanding immaterial culture such as craft of thorough mining, protection and development Nanjing folk. Make due contribution for the bequest of outstanding immaterial culture such as craft of thorough mining, protection and development Nanjing folk..


Dispatch of dragon tiger net (Wang Ling of reporter Sun Le’s reporter) the last day of the National Day, area of the Huaihe River of the Qin Dynasty with time will not wait for me spirit, accelerate major project to advance with all one’s strength. Engine of car of broken bits earth is plangent, of earth scraper before shovel high raise… yesterday morning, area of the Huaihe River of the Qin Dynasty ensures room project to announce start at the door view, predict 2021 complete, can provide 3273 safeguard room at the appointed time, total floor area 380 thousand square metre, it is Qin Huai advocate the safeguard house with the biggest area of the city zone piece area. Room project Dong Zhiguang is ensured at the door view China door coal yard, stone poplar road reachs south, drive inlet village reachs on the west, north overs grown with weeds to peace railroad, situation is advantageous. Before collecting, original dweller makes an appointment with 660, it is the one-storey house that builds oneself or low building mostly, public facilities is lacked. “Without content canal, rubbish does not have a person to clear. ” Song Weifang recollects the dweller that ever stayed in 20 in view doorway. October 2014, the project collects the job to be started formally at the door view. After finding a place for through tearing open change, song Weifang one move the village around 5 times garden of violet Yang Jia, live not only environmental promotion, the one flatlet in the home changes after two flatlet, the grandchildren of elementary school also had his independent room on. According to introducing, safeguard room project plans to plan 12 houses building and community to use room, provide for the aged to use form a complete set of room, wholesome establishment, nursery school to wait with room, property at the door view, the area on the ground makes an appointment with 310 thousand square metre. In area of underground of about 70 thousand square metre, provide 2500 above motor vehicle, 6800 above are not motor vehicle. “Standard of design of safeguard room project consults at the door view commodity house. ” one city group deputy total Yang Fujiang says, village afforest is enclothed rate amount to 30% to 40% , the face stands to all use data of true stone lacquer outside the building, local use marble, integral design and building photograph are harmonious, the key makes the building color that has administrative levels feeling, strewn at random feeling. In addition, with before the safeguard room design of much purer semifinished product is different, this safeguard room builds in-house public section, be like elevator, public passage, all undertook repaired adornment is designed immediateness clothbound. “It is at the door view be opposite by my area this plot completes the safeguard room project that builds on expropriation base, also be my area advocate the safeguard room project with the biggest the city zone. After project building, more than 3200 masses be expropriationed will get appropriate finds a place for here, enter environment of city of area of the eastpart part to have very important sense to quickening my area canopy to change. ” main leader represents district of the Huaihe River of the Qin Dynasty, plot relief is advantageous at the door view, be advocate the geomantic treasure ground with god-given the city zone. The maternal river that is Nanjing southward — river of the Huaihe River of the Qin Dynasty, boreal side is the subway in the program 5 lines station; Stone poplar road, big bright road, brilliance road, bear extremely big path many mainstay line surrounds, traffic is convenient; Circumjacent life form a complete set is perfect, in waiting, high-grade residence centers garden of drive inlet, Xin. “The person that reside has its house is the biggest the people’s livelihood, to dweller masses, housing safeguard is the realest problem. Qin Huai builds best safeguard house with best plot, cogent it is difficult to solve housing of masses be expropriationed, let a city build benefit and more common people. ” spot of start working ceremony, delegate of leader of district of the Huaihe River of the Qin Dynasty and construction unit delegate, view doorway dweller is introduced to jointly aureate big switch. According to introducing, this year, whole area of the Huaihe River of the Qin Dynasty arranges an industry in all kind, social career kind, city building kind major project 96, year always invests sixteen billion six hundred and fifty-one million yuan. Among them, industrial project 60, include add to build a project 17, project of new go into operation 20, project of early days research 23, annual plan invests 11.28 billion yuan. Social career category looks 17, include add to build a project 5, project of new go into operation 8, early days project 4, annual plan invests 2.46 billion yuan. 20 projects such as room of safeguard of the road austral battalion of room of safeguard of doorway of center of banking of base of headquarters of the wisdom austral the city, restful international, view, beautiful are labelled city major project. Among them, pailou plot shows the slum-dwellers with the largest area of the Huaihe River that it is the Qin Dynasty to center an area in, be ” 935 ” during the key transforms an area. Be transformed through be being carried out to slum-dwellers residential area and integrated punish, improve urban environment, intensive uses land, promote a city quality. This project locates for safeguard the room is built, after predicting to build, can find a place for about 1700 are collected door, synchronous deserve to build establishment of life form a complete set to reach a 3 orbit 18 elementary school.

南京 推拿按摩 养生馆

Dispatch of dragon tiger net (precious of Nie of Sun Le of reporter of reporter king Ling is sweet) on October 21 afternoon, heibei is wild 3 slope travel is recommended can hold in Nanjing master square, this second activity aims to reveal wild the travel natural resources with substantial area of 3 slope scene and diversiform industry condition project, strengthen wild area of 3 slope scene and Nanjing citizen communication and interactive, promote the development of industry of two ground travel. Wild 3 slope are located in Heibei to save churchyard of Lai water county too travel hill, 100 kilometers locate Beijing southwest, because special geology is tectonic, formed unique natural landscape landscape. Scene area gross area 700 square kilometer, cent is day of door of area of scene of spring of hole of cereal of area of area of scene of gorge of a hunderd li, scene of refus Ma He, fish, dragon to involve area of scene area, condition of 100 careless bank and area of scene of golden Mount Hua, water flea of flowers and plants of hole of spring of gorge brook, landscape, forest, birds and beasts, cultural relic scenic spot all-embracing, do not surprise without place. The natural landscape such as the Jin Huashan of the 100 careless bank of my day of mysterious and the gorge marvellous spectacle that scene area has the scene of refus horse river that is exactly like Guilin landscape, form to be like uncanny workmanship, bizarre strange spring strange hole, forest, complicated and confusing; Have temple of old a plank road built along a cliff again, save in good condition be setting to fight day of cemetery of revolutionary martyrs humanitarian landscape, travel resource has elegant demeanor alone, be known as ” wonderful scenery thing capital city and its environs ” . Since developing tourism 1986, with its distinctive glamour, get the favour of global tourist, obtain scenery of level of world geological park, state early or late scenic spot travel of organisms’ habits of park of forest of area of travel of stage of AAAAA of area, country, country, nation sets an example the title such as base of education of popular science of demonstrative base of property of culture of area, country, whole nation. Current, wild 3 slope experience develops construction more than 30 years, scene area communication is convenient and quick, line of high speed, nation, province path, railroad is perforative scene area, infrastructure construction is ceaseless and perfect, travel market year after year is extended, the hotel that owns all sorts of class, restaurant many 2000, bed more than 60000 pieces. Forest passes through, swing of jungly strop, cliff, step by step the corridor of Suo Qiao of Jing heart, flying Apsaras, crown favour that participated in sexual project to receive a visitor. Wild the mythological world that 3 slope are created by nature, it is nature bestows human zoology is gotten the better of condition, it is person and the zoology Eden with harmonious and collective nature. Wild the arrival that the landscape of 3 slope and laborious and hospitable people are awaiting you, appreciation world beautiful scenery, comprehend life true meaning.

南京足浴哪里好 养生馆

Dispatch of dragon tiger net (Sun Le of reporter of reporter king Ling) ” 11 ” the golden week is about to near end, during the holiday, each great respect area greets the whole nation again passenger flow height. Be in Nanjing, the most place that nonlocal tourist goes to is area of master shrine scene. Go out outer, sometimes hard to avoid can encounter a few dispute, also concern of a lot of passengers is in scene area by ” hole ” be cheated. If be a body,be in Nanjing nevertheless master shrine, then these concern appear completely redundant. Atmosphere is grumous: Look up see ” sincere letter ” , corner shows civilization just selected Jiangsu is saved first ” sincere letter demonstrative block ” area of master shrine scene, happy event greet National Day. Gold is permeated with sincere letter to publicize atmosphere everywhere during week, see the volunteer’s elegant demeanour everywhere. Inside scene area, paper-cut for window decoration of column of big screen of the line division with visible everywhere, electron, conduct propaganda, lantern, businessman is waited a moment, without reminding everyone ” sincere letter ” 2 words. Price of bureau of prices of area of the Huaihe River of the Qin Dynasty supervises Xie Jingbo of inspection team section chief to tell a reporter, for normative market, the staff member of prices branch is offerred freely for the businessman mark a price autograph, directive businessman fills in correctly mark a price autograph, accomplish one goods one mark, raise plain code to mark a price rate, accuracy rate. Between in addition false date, wait in shop of gift of the Huaihe River of booth of tourist center, multiple star, the Qin Dynasty turn ” corner · is encountered ” inside culture recreational dak, also carry the figure that the eye can see the volunteer serves for the tourist. The scene area that provides freely guides see, civilized advise, books borrows read, advisory inquiry… without do not guide citizen and nonlocal tourist to spend a civilization, happy, orderly, auspicious National Day in area of master shrine scene. “Sincere letter ” after all: 253 inn-keeper bring into sincere letter system entirely, can get online at any time inquiry is in tourist service center, the reporter still sees, the computer that one place sets to be used for the tourist only on information desk reachs volume. “Which fastfood the attitude of attending to guests of store of home of the most delicious, where is best, be here to be able to be checked. ” culture of area of the Huaihe River of the Qin Dynasty does vice director fire firm tell Zhijinshan the reporter, the businessmen of 253 Hu Chengxin alliance inside scene area, consumer people the sincere letter record that can inquire these inn-keeper through countrywide couplet net. According to these records, can understand businessman scope of operations, have without break one’s promise record, decide to go to where home consuming then, plan to visit consumptive journey ahead of schedule. “If senile tourist won’t get online, can consult booklet, return the help that can get a volunteer. ” fire firm complement. In addition, to serve a tourist better, scene area still establishs price dispute to reconcile an aspect, settle price contradiction dispute in time, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of consumer. Ensure go ahead of the rest: Up to now, scene area has not appeared great complain incident reporter know, it is early before the section, scene takes a valve appoint can combine scene division actual, held mid-autumn, conference of special subject of National Day job, held water safeguard of work of National Day safety heads a group mid-autumn; And through extending a letter, safety informs paste book and combination execute the law wait for a form, increased scene area further fire control and safe production propaganda and education and superintendency strength, raised production to manage consciousness of unit chief safety, ensure scene area travels restful stability of the environment. It is reported, average consumption is received to appeal to during the market superintends festival of substation of bureau master shrine beg nearly 50 cases (among them the spot is recieved turn receive more than 20) , did not produce food safety kind complain, all complaining all for a short while the spot deals with, customer satisfaction is led 100% . For the businessman between date of National Day of area of farther aggrandizement scene sincere letter is managed, scene takes a valve appoint still can combine a festival to guarantee program, constituent administration executes the law, the market is superintended before waiting for function branch to begin a red-letter day, the combination in the section is administered 12 times, synchronism begins sincere letter to run division of scene of conduct propaganda, examination, core business door is right plain code marks a price, compensate of go ahead of the rest pays wait for sincere letter measure to express to support, carry out. Zhijinshan reporter understands, up to now, scene area returns master shrine to did not appear during holiday great complain incident. Strengthen superintend: 24 hours of special railway line serve, 25 minutes have surely answer the tourist service center on tribute courtyard street, the reporter sees, ceaseless scroll basks in the ” that sincere letter manages a businessman on big screen ” of red black a list of names posted up; Compensate of go ahead of the rest still is set to pay advisory dot and connection the telephone call on information desk. “We consume dimension authority channel this is 24 hours expedite, there also can be person specially assigned for a task to be on duty during holiday receive listen, 25 minutes of less than can have certainly answer. And we still have special complaint handling group, each appeal is informed against, we can be accomplished listen secondhand temporarily, handle for a short while, had done actively with complain dog just connection, seasonable feedback handles a result, cogent the rights and interests that defends consumer. ” scene takes a valve appoint say of Liu Lixin of meeting vice secretary. According to introducing, district of master shrine scene is liberal to nonlocal tourist ” compensate of go ahead of the rest pays ” passageway, the tourist of condition of authority of corresponding to according with dimension is complained hurry to the spot to understand a situation for a short while, if be businessman responsibility really, can give compensate of 5000 yuan of the following go ahead of the rest pays, later period undertakes handling to the businessman again, discharge a tourist during complaint handling await.


Dispatch of dragon tiger net (Wang Ling of popular reporter of precious of Nie of reporter Wang Lu) on September 13 morning, be in harmony of gold of area of the Huaihe River of the Qin Dynasty was met 2018 activity of special performance of division of assemble of new and high technology is in the eastpart part to issue new and high area to be held ceremoniously in vain. Leader of district of the Huaihe River of the Qin Dynasty, area is relevant section and street leader, college leader, street the 180 more than person such as delegate of orgnaization of traveling trader of chief, company, finance and mainstream media attends. This second activity with ” Zhi Zaohui brilliant of · of silicon alley sailing ” give priority to a problem, aim to be recommended with all one’s strength, make innovation of science and technology of alley of Qin Huai silicon develop new space, get together wisdom lead innovation development, to build Qin Huai demonstrative area of innovation famous city lays solid foundation. In the activity, area of the Huaihe River of the Qin Dynasty of the Communist Party of China appoint development of new city of south of secretary, town builds a canal appoint Lin Tao of secretary of conference chairman, leading Party group, nanjing aerospace old school grows Nie Hong, tian Aijun of general manager of group of city of aviation industry gold makes a speech early or late. Area of the Huaihe River of the Qin Dynasty of the Communist Party of China appoint government of people of division of the Huaihe River of members of standing committee, the Qin Dynasty is standing the space that Jiang Xin shared alley of Qin Huai silicon to honored guest attending the meeting mixes pair of warden plum industrial program. This is ” alley of Qin Huai silicon ” space and industrial program are released external first! “Alley of silicon of the Huaihe River of the Qin Dynasty ” where is the space? The road in Long Pan, medium He Qinhuai river surrounds lake of Shandong road, crescent moon inside the section of 4.3 square kilometer that join. Why to make ” alley of silicon of the Huaihe River of the Qin Dynasty ” space? This area is in advocate center of division into districts of the Huaihe River of city the Qin Dynasty, a batch of courtyard such as groups of the boat austral assemble, 55 city of place, 8511 place, gold, 5311 factories are big big look forward to, city of science and technology of the boat in gathering together, south the area of garden of a batch of industries such as garden of garden of science and technology of university of labour courtyard Jin Die, Chinese redbud science and technology. Here talent advantage remarkable, innovation dominant position of resourceful, space is prominent. “Alley of silicon of the Huaihe River of the Qin Dynasty ” is the space used what to do? We will according to ” space, industry, mode ” train of thought of dimension of Trinitarian integrated carry, whole of function of alley of silicon of the Huaihe River of implementation the Qin Dynasty, structure, dimensions, character promotes. The space promotes a respect, integrated each resource, form courtyard place to manage linkage of look forward to develops new structure. The industry develops a field, make it is with chip application lead, it is dominant with research and development of aerospace science and technology, it is the innovation industry group of characteristic with confluence of the army and the people. Mode innovation respect, hold to ” governmental guiding, platform is propped up, commercialize run ” total principle, with all possible means linkage sends force jointly, walk out of ” old city is newer, old city revives ” new way. How to do? 1, measure is made division start carrier, development innovation space 2, Gao Shuiping builds innovation platform, achievement of stimulative science and technology is changed 3, tall configuration perfects urban function, promotion city character 4, much act is made division achieve atmosphere, area of the Huaihe River of the Qin Dynasty of the Communist Party of China of agglomeration innovation zoology appoint development of new city of secretary, town south builds a canal appoint general manager of group of city of gold of industry of Nie Hong of president of university of aerospace of Lin Tao of secretary of conference chairman, leading Party group, Nanjing, aviation cropland. Honored guest attending the meeting witnessed alley of silicon of the Huaihe River of the Qin Dynasty jointly formal sailing! This indicates area innovation development strides a Qin Huai new chance to extricateoneself from an awkward position! Also indicating Nanjing head home ” silicon alley ” construction development is started! After the ceremony that start, area of the Huaihe River of the Qin Dynasty appoint Xu Xiwu of vice-chancellor of aerospace of Tian Aijun of general manager of group of city of gold of industry of new, aviation, Nanjing represents Li Jiang of members of standing committee, standing deputy warden cooperative tripartite signed Na Hang not to have agreement of cooperation of man-machine academy strategy jointly, regard alley of silicon of the Huaihe River of the Qin Dynasty as priority discipline be born. Finally, concentration revealed this second activity to leave new and high area in vain 2018 capital attraction achievement. This year, end at present, issue new and high innovation to enrol business approach in vain, increase the strength that enrol business, implementation is new recommend science and technology company 186, add foreign capital company newly 2, the autograph makes an appointment with orgnaization of 13 new-style research and development, add regional headquarters or industry bibcock company newly 4, project total investment 13.5 billion yuan. The course is chosen, spot autograph made an appointment with 12 priority discipline such as item of platform of project of major industry project, industry of content couplet network, innovation. New and high area will build a demand according to innovation famous city, construction ” vigor is revealed, driving, zoology optimizes motivation ” area of innovation name garden, division of the Huaihe River of integrated the Qin Dynasty achieves resource, exert oneself is made ” alley of silicon of the Huaihe River of the Qin Dynasty ” , drive the eastpart part the yield of area of assemble of industry of new and high technology, city, person is shirt-sleeve, the innovation drive that makes completely state-owned force develops an upland.