Dispatch of dragon tiger net (reporter Zhao Yuanlong) wind snow is hard, favor warmth. 6 canals shutting a city already hurried off to the city zone early on January 4 main road and bridge undertake sweeping snow slushy. The snowfall of one night, heavy snow distributes greater part the trade tree of a section of a highway to be pressed, go out to bring great inconvenience all right to pedestrian and car, for this, 6 canals shutting a city organize personnel, machinery to sweep road and bridge firn at the same time, move at the same time come the branch doing of mechanical, car to lodging undertakes clearing. End at present, this job still is in continuously, already cleared road of the Yangtse River breaks branch to do 10 more than car. Fight bravely in snow more show tender feeling! Fight bravely to provide team member in the city of forefront of the prevent frostbite that sweep snow, have difficulty to car and pedestrian, need to help, the team member that 6 cities combining a division provide inflict aids, see the old person walks, below foot crossing the bridge flabby, go by actively to support sb with hand the old person crosses the bridge, cross zebra crossing, still have hold a little baby in the arms actively to cross a street; See place of a few car skids, do not go by, stretch his hand instantly help push; The bridge on the electric tricycle preparation that the city canal team member that fighting bravely in bridge of smelt metal riverside discovers to one is holding an old person, fall as a result of the wheel however wet slippery, in place revolve, act instantly, stretch his hand actively help old person ” come home ” , all without exception of act of this one act makes this wind Xue Li much a few minutes ” warm meaning ” .


Dispatch of dragon tiger net (Shen Jing of reporter of exercitation of reporter Yan fine bright) in recent years, duty Wu system ascertains a state actively ” brief politics put power, put a canal to take ” wait for working requirement, comprehensive brief decrease taxation to examine and approve item, privilege of will major taxation approves instead to put on record by careful management, reduced taxpayer burden, make taxpayer enjoys taxation privilege more conveniently. It is reported, bureau of tax of 6 land combining a division is in management of succeed of daily taxation privilege, discover existence has a few taxpayer to put on record because of dealing with formalities ” by accident ” the circumstance that enjoys taxation privilege. To be fulfilled effectively ” put a canal to take ” , bureau of 6 tax adding up to the ground from the following 3 respects ensure taxation is favourable ” the canal reachs the designated position ” . It is to strengthen privilege to put on record item follow-up manages. Put on record in favourable item below the premise that make, accept link to examine the integrality of the data only, not content of essence of examine and verify, brought about the enterprise that does not accord with favourable condition partly to also enjoy favourable policy by accident, and once put on record,mistake is, satisfy taxation privilege requirement namely, general won’t active check oneself from correct. To make sure national tax payment does not corrode, bureau of 6 tax adding up to the ground makes clear taxation privilege succeed to run specific flow and requirement, ensure every enterprise enjoys taxation privilege well and truly. 2 it is play job subjective activity. Bureau of 6 tax adding up to the ground expedites staff of group of income tax high risk to walk into an enterprise, pay tax to the enterprise the circumstance, financial index circumstance, circumstance of increase and decrease of company insurance cost undertakes an analysis, understanding business manages difficult problem, coach industry health grows. Close quarters communication, can win the taxpayer credit to the tax authority not only, OK still more effective answer question of doubtful point of taxation privilege risk, ensure favourable policy falls to real point. 3 it is to fulfil sequel effectively to dog the job. Whole journey of duty Wu personnel serves person of Yu Na duty with high quality, on the foundation that publicizes taxation policy effectively, win taxpayer the effective comply with to tax law, ensure tax payment is seasonable, full frontal put in storage. Dog continuously in the future production runs the company state, provide pay taxes help in time, make sure the enterprise is accurate enjoy taxation privilege policy, invoke management power, compose establishs the relationship soliciting offer of harmonious stability.

南京白宫大酒店 体验

Dispatch of dragon tiger net (Peng Xin of reporter Wang Jun’s reporter) to receive 2019 the arrival of the Spring Festival, build area under administration to be built in all mutual communication communicates platform between unit and community, on January 28, 2019, one is in by the big get-together activity of enterprise of area under administration and dominant of masses of community Party member board bridge is street party of board bridge community group the service center is held. Get-together is in lively ” Beijing good news arrives by the side of stockaded village ” in pull open heavy curtain formally, subsequently, provide for the aged of Le Sai of board bridge subbranch of a bank, love serves postal deposit directive center build unit and community dance band to choose sent dancing, model meticulously to walk along show, Huang Mei in all reading of play, poem, 3 wait partly more than 10 programs appear in succession. Gout motion still alternates among program show, kick shuttlecock, jump dumpling of skip, bag, grab a chair, cast the many classical projects such as rubber ball to use up amid, the masses of each Party member of the spot joins game eagerly in the center, or close automatic hand, or watch boost the morale of. Blast joyous sound laughs language, a joy, auspicious, festive atmosphere, everybody is enjoying the relaxed and satisfied happy days before the section to the top of one’s bent. Finally, the evening party is in ” build Chinese dream in all ” the heavy curtain below decline. Greet activity of series of the 10 or 20 days following Lunar New Year’s Day this to hold to a party to build lead, board bridge community founded a party to build 2018 lead mode, hold water early or late ” lotus · dak ” community of clerical atelier, board bridge ” big Party committee ” . Since clerical atelier holds water, through producing the power of Party member backbone, with project form full resultant force estimates resource, comprehensive promotion Party member serves the capacity that community of masses, service expands. Combine Party member special skill, with the form of masses love to see and hear, begin accord with community dweller the activity of effective demand, help strength humanitarian board bridge construction, activity of series of this the 10 or 20 days following Lunar New Year’s Day writes down atelier to set by the book namely ” eldest sister of the Qin Dynasty ” atelier of culture atelier, sports of peace and happiness undertakes respectively. “Big Party committee ” build community party the job by the past ” monodrama ” turn into present ” cantata ” . Through beginning civilian service, bu Qimin is unripe short board.


Dispatch of dragon tiger net (Duanmu Huanglong of reporter Dai Meimei’s reporter) on January 15 afternoon, rain spends stage area the first case environmental protection kind lawsuit of accessary and civil commonweal is in criminal the 2nd court tries court of the district that build Ye publicly. This is bureau of environmental protection of area of pluvial beautiful stage with branch of area public security associated detect did 2017, mention by area procuratorate first environment that 200 thousand commonweal compensate for pollutes a case. Current, the accused admits his guilt on the court, forensic general choose period adjudge. On the court, area procuratorate accuses Chang Mou the 3 people partnership such as some undertakes reclaiming management, below the case that manages aptitude without dangerous trash, reclaim illegally useless engine oil (” national danger trash ” ) , undertake draw-out, filter etc deal with other sells after the method. In deal with in the process, some some 3 people did not make any preventive measure or often prevent permeate processing, shed a leakage to cause spot soil and current pollution serious. Classics appraisal is evaluated, the environment damages repair expenses to amount to more than yuan 20. In front courtyard careful, collegiate bench is strict according to is legal program, organize a court to investigation, court argues and be stated finally, both sides dominating debate on the court quote, qualitative card, express opinion dominating debate. The accused Chang Mou the 3 people such as some admit his guilt on the court, express to regret to polluting environmental behavior, be willing to recoup environmental loss actively, had handed in fund of 200 thousand yuan of compensation through the family member. At present forensic collegiate bench is in appraise sth through discussion, will choose period is adjudged. The reporter understands, in this case conduction process, through be being set in the inquisitor workstation of environmental protection branch, environmental protection branch and procuratorial work mechanism, public security mechanism cooperates closely, offer advisory opinion, the help inquires appraisal orgnaization and expert, help this case break through appraisal through many second hold a conference or consultation, obtain evidence wait for working difficulty, facilitate jointly this case obtains better result. Chief tells a reporter related area procuratorate, the success of this case is dealt with, safeguarded a society effectively not only public interest, reveal rain to spend stage area blow to destroy zoology environment to commit a crime, safeguard the determination of social community rights and interests; Also went up to a vivid law is publicized and teach a course to the illegal profit, person break the law that destroys zoology environment, tell broad masses zoology to environmental protection does not have bagatelle with real case, guide masses to raise law idea and zoology civilization idea, drive rain to spend high quality development. Chief expresses related bureau of environmental protection of area of pluvial beautiful stage, will carry out a country to be taken about economy of the Yangtse River seriously ” stress great protection in all, do not start big development ” decision-making deploy, fulfil province city ” economy of the Yangtse River takes job of key of zoology environmental protection to advance the meeting ” spirit and requirement, cogent had done into river wadi, of all kinds dock, wait for contaminative punish into business of industry of river platoon mouth, along the line, begin deep ” 263 ” special operation; At the same time will closely around rain spent what stage area puts forward on two meetings 2019 ” 5 cities are built in all ” target, with higher level, realer move, greater strength, protect zoology environment further, increase happiness and benefit of the people’s livelihood with all one’s strength, build beautiful rain flower in all, make happy appropriate occupy a town, drive rain to spend high quality to expand advanced line.


Dispatch of dragon tiger net (Peng Xin of reporter Wang Jun’s reporter) on Feburary 1, 2019, area of pluvial beautiful stage board bridge is street held working summary worked 2019 2018 deploy congress and wintry model are literary joint performance, each are street ensemble staff member, each community, enterprise or business cadre of unit ensemble Party member attended plenary meeting. Street labour appoint director of vice secretary, agency develops from economy on behalf of agency, happiness and benefit of features of zoology environment, city, the people’s livelihood, deepen the respect such as efficiency of reform, administration to be opposite street 2018 year job undertook summing up retrospective, ensure from focusing goal assignment again good innovation of appearance of rapid development, do one’s best promotes urban function quality, do solid for civilian soil of safeguard of the people’s livelihood of service large plant, breed beg new way to promote duty standard efficiency 4 respects to working 2019 the task undertook deploy. Street labour appoint Zuo of clerical Zhao Dao undertook summing up a speech, he affirmed street the working success 2018, emphasized two aspects to working 2019: Should carry out the 19 great mind that fulfil be used to to make the same score thought of socialism of characteristic of new era China and party nearly adamantinely, advance deep comprehensive from Yan Zhi party, solid the construction that pushs new era faction; 2 should cogent build with high quality party lead high quality development, aggrandizement ” 5 cities are built in all ” , advance ” Jiang Fumei is tall ” new board bridge construction. Finally, everybody watched what by each community and party of area under administration constituent choosing sends ” inheritance red culture, happiness board bridge everybody is happy ” wintry model is literary joint performance. Literary show covered 12 items such as dance of happy an ensemble played by two or more instrumentalists of essay, bowstring, Latin, modern dance, solo, built grumous festal atmosphere not only, more reflected board bridge person to be in get together force ” 5 cities are built in all ” , high quality is advanced ” Jiang Fumei is tall ” new board bridge submits the sturdy confidence in construction and resolution.


Without epitaph and things buried with the dead, cannot fix a tomb dispatch of net of mastership dragon tiger a few days ago, 6 bamboo combining a division press down a town to discover a barrow, via the analysis after cultural relic expert disentombs, this barrow should be coffin pit of period of the Eastern Jin dynasty, be apart from today 1600 old, but did not discover epitaph reachs any things buried with the dead inside coffin chamber, cannot fix a tomb accordingly mastership. Barrow is located in 6 bamboo combining a division to press down the one place farm by station of the 3 villages austral community of the stone that press down black. Last year on December 25, villager Mr Han is when level land, discover coffin chamber accidentally, his immediately calls the police and shutdown. That day afternoon, the professional of academy of Nanjing city archaeology comes to the spot, after be like barrow via confirming doubt, experts undertook archaeology disentombs. The day before yesterday afternoon, barrow disentombs the job ends entirely. According to introducing, barrow coffin chamber is about 4 meters long, about 1.5 meters wide, make an appointment with 2 meters greatly, grave brick is arranged orderly, coffin chamber both ends is shown vaulted, the position has the small burrow of a square each among two side. Archaeology personnel discovers burrow issues those who have 4 bricks to arrange differ with other brick, other brick is sidewards of a base of build by laying bricks or stones, and these 4 are base of end up build by laying bricks or stones, and there is space between every brick, resembling is designed stay ” window ” . In coffin chamber two side, archaeology personnel still discovered two not big square small burrow, doubt is like place the place that tastes along with bury. “Make from brick of the appearance of coffin chamber, grave, structure and compasses in light of, this grave should be period of the Eastern Jin dynasty, be apart from today 1600 old. ” the personage says related division of cultural relic of wide bureau of 6 article combining a division, inscription on the gravestone did not discover inside coffin chamber, also do not have any things buried with the dead, be crossed by pilfer likely. (Jiang Jing of reporter Liu Wenxuan’s reporter)


Dispatch of dragon tiger net (Hui Zi of reporter Fang Yulong’s reporter) make big industry scale, attract collaboration of high-end talent, stimulative strategy, reseau to change a service to be enclothed completely… regard China as base of industry of the first software, in recent years, china (Nanjing) software cereal optimizes battalion business environment ceaselessly, promote development of high quality of company of new and high technology, become rain to spend the person above average that high quality of stage region economy develops. Optimize battalion business environment to help strength company of new and high technology solves real problem in recent years software cereal settle companies of large quantities of one new and high technology, why can they choose software valley? This and garden area optimize the effort of battalion business environment to be not divided ceaselessly. Regard new and high technology as the delegate of the enterprise, nanjing ala brightness IT limited company from 2016 since settle software cereal, get area appoint district government, canal appoint can support energetically, get stabilizing developing, the soft hardware that is the industry such as traffic of national defence of domestic war industry, aerospace, electric power, orbit to offer major now is integrated solution, the product applies extensively at home tall reliable, tall safe domain. At the same time by China (Nanjing) collaboration of information of software cereal He Yihui builds in all ” operating system of own real time is public service platform ” formal completion, can be several a hunderd schools every year embedded the enterprise offers omnibus technology to serve. Speak of rain spending stage area and software cereal to recruit the help that provides in the process in the enterprise, nanjing ala brightness Li Ta of chief inspector of center of sale of information limited company says frankly ” be benefited fine is much ” . “The atmosphere of software cereal is built suit development of company of new and high technology particularly, company development needs talented person of many core software, and the assemble effect of new and high industry can help software cereal we draw a talented person quickly. A few collaboration that wait for large company with Na Rui group for example, it is important to arrive since governmental inter ‘ pull wires ‘ action. Just entered when be stationed in software cereal, because understand each policy not quite, garden area still comes to guidance before school person only, the policy that coachs we choose to suit oneself to develop most ” . In September 2018, pay close attention to most in the light of the enterprise, the problem that the government should solve, nanjing is released optimize battalion business environment 100, after policy is released, software grain industry studies actively also, get its beneficial. Li Ta expresses: “Optimize battalion business environment 100 will offer more chance for the enterprise, promote we and software cereal the strategy of other institute deep administrative levels cooperates, make the demonstrative industry focal point in confluence of a few the army and the people the product at the same time, provide technical software platform ” . Glow of heart of teach of IT company staff tells alar brightness the reporter, the policy impression of the derate policy that controls an aspect to duty and industry financing is the deepest, agree with company effective demand quite, and the clause is comprehensive, wait for each project to give aid to to intellectual property protection from company operation management all have involve. Bring resource into play adequately to serve intranet case to change management to promote happy feeling China (Nanjing) software cereal held water formally in August 2011, gross area 73 square kilometer, whole belongs to rain to spend stage area limits, it is the agency of municipal government of Nanjing municipal Party committee, entrust rain to spend stage area appoint district government government. All the time since, software cereal holds to ” high end is changed, internationalization, brand is changed ” development direction, clench software and information serve the major turning point that industry grows, 2017, implementation software and income of news service line of business 221 billion yuan (among them software business income 137 billion yuan) , hold Nanjing city proportion 40% , those who become countrywide can be counted on one’s fingers ” base of industry of software of one billion two hundred and fifteen million seven hundred and fifty-two thousand one hundred and ninety-two class ” . “What software cereal serves is good, be service of area of pluvial beautiful stage is good. ” software cereal already was formed now ” group of industry of 4 big innovation ” , include with China for, the resurgence communication software that is bibcock and group of industry of carry thought service; Connect with Fuji south embellish of big, Jiangsu and wait to be calculated for led cloud big data and group of information safety industry; Wait for the Internet industry group that is pillar with full use software, Ou Fei; With 100 million fine and, in the division artificial intelligence that is core and group of intelligent terminal industry. Software cereal is in charge of appoint Gao Jianping of director of bureau of meeting strategy development says, the aspect is changed in high end, software cereal will make big industry scale, promote an industry quality, on the traditional advantage industry such as big data of existing communication, Internet, serve as new way with artificial intelligence industry, drive traditional software company to carry archives to upgrade; Use China to wait for platform, company of help weak power is endowed with can, promote its transition to upgrade. Strengthen program respect, software cereal starts 945 industries program ahead of schedule, design around artificial intelligence, integrated circuit at the same time, form a complete set is corresponding policy, help business research and development; Make division of famous characteristic garden, do good business to breed the job, increase direction of direction of construction artificial intelligence, finance of science and technology to wait specialization industrial garden area. Internationalization respect, software cereal develops around internationalization, increase internationalization communication cooperation, exploration internationalization develops new pattern; Through ” introduce come ” , increase internationalization to enrol business strength, with the world 500 strong companies cooperate, make orgnaization of innovation research and development; Group of focusing internationalization talent, introduce international to tell a talent group, establish center of abroad research and development. The brand changes an aspect, quicken an assemble of look forward to, key essence increases pair of 100 strong companies definitely, alone land of business of horny animal, gazelle breeds strength. Optimize respect of battalion business environment, software cereal is peculiar double start a service center, face enterprise total window as software cereal, shift software cereal and whole area resource adequately, serve for the enterprise. Software cereal still uses reseau to change administrative way, implementation reseau is enclothed completely, the member that pass reseau orders a service surely regularly to the enterprise, enhance an enterprise to satisfy feeling and happy feeling. Future, software cereal will build the deploy of strategy of innovation famous city that has global force according to Nanjing, implement innovation drive strategy energetically, optimize battalion business environment ceaselessly, mechanism of mechanism of support of ceaseless and perfect policy, perfect platform service, fulfil supervise and direct incentive system. To 2020, the software of software cereal and income of news service line of business will strive to break through 350 billion yuan, experience is soft overtake 300 thousand person from personnel of course of study, the arms of the person at the head of a procession that strives to achieve Nanjing to build international software famous city completely, advocate area of position, core.


Dispatch of dragon tiger net (Peng Xin of reporter Wang Jun’s reporter) a few days ago, the basis visits the urban district appoint unified deploy and requirement, area of pluvial beautiful stage board bridge is street hold in mechanism hall 2018 – job of model of winter of cadre of 2019 year Party member arouses meeting, start work of model of winter of Party member cadre formally. Attend the meeting street collectivity is led, mechanism collectivity cadre, each community two appoint member, all enrols project of undergraduate village official, company, fair party of street canal cadre, blame organizes company of each directly under the member that be in charge of person and party work. Above all, street labour appoint propagandist committee member does wintry model to arouse deploy, then, street labour appoint the secretary works with respect to the wintry model of 2018-2019 year, part from unified thought, improve knowledge, clear thinking of the important meaning that knows wintry model work adequately, manage, make clear a key, hold act of the main content that wintry model works, aggrandizement deeply, try to be the first achieves actor, ensure job of street winter model obtains actual effect 3 respects made overall demand. Finally, hui Tian of associate professor of Party school of Nanjing municipal Party committee does ideological special subject to coach. Professor Hui Tian parts from ideological history, definition, current how should be we strengthened below ideological fundamental condition and new condition and improve what the respect such as ideological job made explain the profound things in a simple way explain. The report brachylogy clarity that Hui Tian teachs, dramatic image, suit is actual, farther to cadre of street Party member deep knowledge has made the great sense of ideological job, firm caught ideological job to remove important guiding education and inspire coach action.


Dispatch of dragon tiger net (Jiang Liyuan of reporter Fang Yulong’s reporter) recently, board bridge new city holds area of pluvial beautiful stage 2018, model of winter of Party member of 2019 year basic level arouses meeting, party of board bridge new city is versed in appoint clerical Li Rui grooms to Party member cadre the job undertakes deploy and went up wintry model the first class. “Wear coat to carry collar, pull an ox to pull nose ” , as we have learned, all through the ages of board bridge new city values wintry model job, the key that works this year is the academic innovation that uses a party cadre of Party member of newest gain armed basic level. Li Rui’s secretary emphasizes, essential close around, exert oneself drives Xi Jinping popular feeling of development of thought of socialism of characteristic of new era China, development study, carry out Xi Jinping’s secretary-general to be in congratulatory reforming and opening on 40 years of congress serious talk spirit, development study implements spirit of conference of job of the economy central, learn Xi Jinping’s secretary-general deep about ideological job important discuss, development study carries out provincial Party committee 14 7 second plenary meeting mix 13 5 plenary meeting, municipal Party committee area appoint spirit of 11 12 plenary meeting, build Party branch into 6 special subject such as strong action fort to spread out. Essential deduct study requirement, party member of constituent basic level undertakes centralized grooming wanting not less than 4 days, in the meantime, do the keep of sign in of academic be used to and video data, accomplish stay have a mark. It is reported, the wintry model of this year works, predict to wintry model is finished to summarize the work before April 1.


Dispatch of dragon tiger net (Yulong Yi mentions room of photography of Hui Zi of reporter Fang Yulong’s reporter the Spring Festival, every every metropolis thinks of to hang spring festival scrolls, spring festival scrolls regards Chinese Spring Festival as the tradition consuetudinary one of, mean decline old see the New Year in. To promote China tradition culture, build festival and auspicious culture atmosphere, now, rain spends community to invite calligraphy to know a personage and calligraphy lover to write spring festival scrolls, give office enterprise or business dweller of unit, community, bless the 10 or 20 days following Lunar New Year’s Day send excellent doorway, take take leave old the good will that see the New Year in. According to historian and folk-custom expert textual research, hang spring festival scrolls consuetudinary only then Yu Song is acting, every family is driven to hang spring festival scrolls in Nanjing because of Zhu Yuanzhang after and be current, because this rain spends stage area all through the ages to having the gene that hangs spring festival scrolls, and wish to the happiness of the 10 or 20 days following Lunar New Year’s Day scene, from chiliad besides inheritance up to now, condensed new meaning. “Calligrapher is fierce, this brushstroke delimits, writing the word that come out is air. ” Huang Lijuan of dweller of pluvial beautiful community comes early civilian center, look at spring festival scrolls of atmospheric of a piece of Zhang Huihong, click of the tongue gasps in admiration. On desk of be good at one word is rolled out, a pile paper puts pile of bright red spring festival scrolls trimly, academician of Jiangsu province calligrapher, famous calligrapher Mr. Yang Zuntang takes cottony pen, wield one’s writing brush splash-ink, written spring festival scrolls has decline already old see the New Year in, place the desire couplet of good new hope, also be pregnant is greeted 19 big, eulogize Dang En’s Li Zhilian, fund is wide enter, the career couplet that rises step by step, learn rich 5 cars, well-reading school work couplet, still have in the light of dweller demand, the work of personalized spring festival scrolls of extemporaneous creation. “Sticking spring festival scrolls is a kind of good blessing way, we can care from what clear experience goes to community in the life, encounter what difficulty, the society can help a dweller in time solve, live in pluvial flower, we feel proud with happiness ” , dweller Huang Lijuan tells a reporter, “Annual the Spring Festival, we can be done a few mean be perfect in every way ‘ olio ‘ , share between neighborhood after make it, give, deliver New Year to bless ” . “Spring festival scrolls means decline old see the New Year in, those who write is a few good sentences, apply colours to a drawing gives happy and auspicious atmosphere ” , begin from 1979, mr. Yang Zuntang decides to regard his as lifetime career and the most important thing with calligraphy, she also is willing to hand love and blessing with calligraphy from beginning to end, “Calligraphy is my life, brought a lot of joy to me, I also hope my calligraphy can take pleasure to more person ” . Spring festival scrolls is made after finishing, the party in Hua Man of · of square of school of medium of street agency, Jiangsu, Chinese redbud is spent toward rain before rain spends community to be led each group service center and other places, send many spring festival scrolls. Rain spends Ge Fulian of secretary of community Party committee to tell a reporter, send activity of the 10 or 20 days following Lunar New Year’s Day of spring festival scrolls, congratulate this to aim to carry traditional culture kind, for rain beautiful citizen takes the blessing of the 10 or 20 days following Lunar New Year’s Day, through giving this kind of way, deliver each other side to help each other, the value concept that is happy to share. It is reported, rain spends stage area to will develop activity of culture of festival of of a mass character continuously, through transmitting active, healthy culture, breed good folkway company wind, it is broad rain to spend people to serve New Year the greeting when the 10 or 20 days following Lunar New Year’s Day comes at the same time, build harmonious and festive festival atmosphere.