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Dispatch of dragon tiger net (Zheng Yingling of reporter Yang Qing’s reporter) build neat, comfortable surroundings to last, advance civilized town to found the job deep, on July 11 in the morning at 7 o’clock, volunteer of Party member of community of Jiang king temple, dweller and ensemble staff member are right sanitation of condition of core of area under administration undertakes centralized sweeping punish. Because bell hill mountain villa is not to have property old old village, divide dweller environment consciousness plus the ministry poorer, shabby furniture, clothings and building rubbish everywhere drop about, the environment that affects a village badly is wholesome. In sweeping an activity, the volunteer is carried sweep a tool and other places of carport of the square to community, greenbelt, main artery, part has clean repair, still mix to the rubbish inside the enclosure of particularly dirty chaos inside the village pile up content undertook the key clears greatly, undertook pulling out to the fireweed in community square greenbelt. Volunteers were developed adequately do not be afraid of dirty, do not be afraid of tired spirit, the course sweeps punish all day long, everybody make concerted effort clears rubbish blind angle clean. Clear through this rubbish the job, make village core condition got some of improvement, get the support of dwellers, also can have a beautiful surroundings for community dweller, participate in civilization to establish an activity with real operation.


Dispatch of dragon tiger net (Zhang Bo of reporter Xu Jianjun’s reporter) to be advanced further ” 4 good ” construction of chamber of commerce, on July 25, chairman of the member that business association of division of incredible connecting with the boxing skill organizes fight of partial market Confucian orthodoxy, chamber of commerce reachs political instructor of chamber of commerce, bridge of rainbow of contest of area of the flower that go to rain is street chamber of commerce, begin pair of mark to look for difference study communication. Money of Yang Hou of chairman of street chamber of commerce of bridge of Miao Wenxin of secretary of leading Party group of business association of area of beautiful stage of Shang Hao of secretary of leading Party group of business association of division of incredible connecting with the boxing skill, rain, Sai Hong played study communication to meet. Yang Hou money shared leader of countrywide business association to come the experience that chamber of commerce surveys, make ” 4 good ” the experience of chamber of commerce and job of chamber of commerce ” 5 one ” idea. Miao Wenxin introduced area grade level to advance mainly ” 4 good ” the way that chamber of commerce builds, point out area business association wants to build meeting, solidarity to establish meeting, service in politics a sudden flash of inspiration, reform makes very direct service on strong meeting. Finally, shang Hao expresses, this Lai Yuhua looks for difference to mark, to chamber of commerce of incredible connecting with the boxing skill construction is inspired very big, a lot of is worth to learn the place that draw lessons from, the good way good experience that wants a chamber of commerce of the bridge that surpass rainbow, absorb in applying chamber of commerce of incredible connecting with the boxing skill to build, come, strengthen each connection communication between street chamber of commerce further, drive Xuan Wu further ” 4 good ” chamber of commerce is founded. (business association of division of incredible connecting with the boxing skill)

南京高端按摩spa 会所招聘

Dispatch of dragon tiger net (Zhang Bo of reporter Xu Jianjun’s reporter) on August 9 morning, area business association holds study of all Party member cadre to meet, communicate quickly carry out an area appoint spirit of 11 5 plenary meeting. Controller of leading Party group of area business association is gotten learn, member of team attending the meeting reachs all Party member cadre, centralized study carries out an area appoint plenary meeting spirit, the key notes speech and solemn warden report with respect to Xu Shu, combinative oneself work is real, communicative experience, undertook discussion making a speech. The conference is carried out with respect to development fulfil an area appoint plenary meeting spirit, contact job of key of business association of area of second half of the year, offer specific at 3 o’clock opinion: It is the bridge bond effect that should produce Party committee government adequately, greater strength region publicizes Xuan Wu to enterprise of chamber of commerce, recommend Xuan Wu, especially area appoint, district government is accelerating new strategy of developing of region economy society, new way, new move. 2 it is to want to produce business association and effect of platform of resource of organization of chamber of commerce adequately, greater strength ground drives action business to choose endowment and enrol ability to bring wisdom, compose builds the communication between enterprise of chamber of commerce and government sector to coordinate a mechanism, compose is built reflect ” close, clear ” new-style politics business concerns, help strength region economy the development of growth pole. 3 it is to want to be developed adequately ” 4 good ” of chamber of commerce and outstanding entrepreneur set an example lead action, build favorable battalion business environment jointly, release the powerful resultant force of innovation get right on the job jointly, promote health of personage of economy of state ownership of development of health of economy of blame state ownership, blame to grow jointly.


Dispatch of dragon tiger net (Zheng Yingling of reporter Ling Liping’s reporter) on July 11 afternoon, division of incredible connecting with the boxing skill appoint lake of incredible connecting with the boxing skill of survey of Liang of Gu Xue of minister of members of standing committee, armed ministry is street seek poor job to mark, street labour appoint team ensemble member attended survey to meet. On the meeting, black Wu Hu is street the party is versed in appoint Wu Heng reported the secretary to go to the lake austral Wuhan city street the study case that develops pair of mark to look for difference, right south the lake is street build in the party lead, the advanced experience of the respect such as community processing, gules property talked to experience with difference, contrast south the lake is made piece street overtake plan. Zhang Hao of agency vice director reported transition of the carrier inside street economy progress and area under administration to upgrade circumstance. Gu Xue Liang is street to black Wu Hu begin pair of mark to looked for poor condition to undertake comment and appraise, point out street looking for poor job to have surveyor’s pole, according to plan to mark, have the operation, have think, the job is done solidly. In the meantime, to next black Wu Hu is street is opposite mark looked for poor job to raise the requirement of tripartite face: It is to should have grabbed 4 jobs above all, it is to pay a focal point, should contrast urban requirement, couple is street and real, hold development key; 2 it is to stress plan, want to perfect pair of mark to look for difference to develop a plan further, hold be just like learn to overtake plan; 3 it is to arrest a leader, team member should develop subjective activity adequately, pair of bid of domain of be assigned personal responsibility for job looking for difference is made solid had done; 4 it is to pay way, should carry on adequately beg true, be realistic, deal with concrete matters relating to work, steady work style of work. Want to establish 4 kinds of consciousness next, it is long-term consciousness, want to judge development direction scientificly, make ” the foot since stand on tiptoe, jump to be being gotten quite ” active target; 2 it is to plan as a whole consciousness, build the job to serve as a foundation with the party, had planned as a whole street the job of each respects; 3 it is quality awareness, optimize development construction, improve development quality; 4 it is crisis consciousness, effectively translate into develops the pressure that black Wu Hu street economy society develops motivation, drive pair of mark to look for difference to go up new chance to extricateoneself from an awkward position. Want to develop 3 kinds of drive finally, it is innovation spirit, want to dare be a person first, have the courage to think dare do; 2 it is to go all out in work spirit, overcome the difficulty with resource insufficient gift, do all one can is forward; 3 it is scientific spirit, manage quiet family property accumulated over a long time, identify exact cause, hardheaded will fine job blue print turns into reality.


Dispatch of dragon tiger net (Zheng Yingling of reporter Zong Yueji’s reporter) on July 19, 2018 morning, to promote traditional folk-custom culture, black Wu Hu is street involve worker worker appoint adolescent of constituent area under administration was begun ” learn paper-cut Experience folk-custom culture ” thematic activity, the activity invites community of cherry iron village ” 5 old ” on-the-spot guidance of volunteer arrowroot teacher. “5 old ” volunteer arrowroot teacher, demonstrate through PPT and explain, made children preliminary understand ” paper-cut ” the measure that this one tradition needs to notice in folk-custom culture, gimmick and paper-cut and skill, deepened classmates’ artistic to paper-cut understanding. Then, arrowroot teacher carries real operation, the spot reveals the process of paper-cut, children looked at one Zhang Zhangcai paper to turn elegant paper-cut into work in the hand of arrowroot teacher, exultation unceasingly. Starting work in link, students of in spirits follow teacher study to start work make, in the glamour of culture of paper-cut of tradition of the appreciate in this one small scissors, very few number is cut, cut an elegant and pretty paper-cut picture. The children in paper-cut reveal the intelligence an wisdom that gives his and the originality that are full of Tong Qu adequately, learned simple paper-cut skill, cut gave design variety 100, lifelike opuscule. “Learn paper-cut Experience folk-custom culture ” the distinctive and artistic glamour that the activity can let a student experience Chinese folk traditional culture not only, return what can raise them to start work ability, observation ability. Of the activity begin, let children have farther knowledge to traditional culture not only, and generated strong interest; Also promoted minor to walk into the community, ability that feels society, practice society; More the honorary sense that enhances children and the desire to do better. In the meantime, the activity is made better case ” the school, family, community ” 3 union teach platform, make children grew knowledge, made new friend, strengthened start work ability, make students spend a contented and significant summer vacation.


Dispatch of dragon tiger net (Zheng Yingling of reporter Yang Xiao’s reporter) live to abound teenage summer vacation time, arouse teenage patriotic passion, successive revolution is traditional, on July 10 morning, celestial being resides elegant center community to combine volunteer of Nanjing Normal University to hold ” reform 40 carry, vanward boy goes ” summer camp of summer vacation time opens battalion formally, attracted adolescent and many 50 parents to show up participate in this activity. Open battalion ceremonially, if Yanguang of director of community of elegant center of celestial being house made compendious and vivid introduction to the purpose of this second activity, content, hope children want to develop the drive that solidarity helps each other in this activity, rise paddle one’s own canoe ability. The system of a few essential rules that subsequently undergraduate volunteers say to understand summer camp to children and discipline and the safe issue that need an attention, the joyous sound between children laughs at activity of this summer camp in language to open battalion formally finally. Summer camp of this second summer vacation time with ” reform 40 carry, vanward boy goes ” for the theme, teach those who begin a series of new distinguishing feature the activity, content rich, form is diversiform. Enhance the knowledge that middle and primary school gives birth to to be experienced 40 years to reforming and opening, teach children to reclaim the difficult history in the past, the future that looks into peaceful happiness lives, let children spend life of a joy, significant summer vacation time.


Dispatch of dragon tiger net (Xu Hong of reporter Wu Xiao’s reporter) on July 19, hua Ran enrages Nanjing harbor road client service center greeted 85 years old in the center of limited company senile reside grandma of old person model alone, model the grandma is risking high temperature to send designedly praise a letter, praise Nanjing harbor Hua Weixiu to be versed in Peng Youyi is user place to want, the good deed with excellent service. Peng grandma manuscript thanks a letter as we have learned, controlled partly at 8 o’clock on July 18 morning, peng Youyi receives work sheet, report of this work sheet is located in Jin Ning new residential quarter of 6 106 rooms model grandma home does not have the circumstance that burns gas, be less than half hours, peng Youyi hurries to the spot, through professional examination discovery, model n of the batteries inside the equipment burning gas of grandma home has been used end, also do not have in the home reserve batteries, “Outside that day 2978 degrees high temperature, peng master looks outside so hot, say with me my age is old, so hot weather goes out insecure, he goes helping me buy batteries to come over to had been installed, ” model the grandma tells a reporter excitedly, “I at that time of the from the bottom of one’s heart in the heart plaint, peng master is a good intention person really! ” it is good that the master that wait for Peng buys batteries to come back to install, after the examination lights air equipment to do not have a problem, just install a person’s mind to leave. Model grandma heart is touched unceasingly. Then, the following day, she does not have intense heat of summer of dread high temperature, taking manuscript to thank a letter, turn to enrage limited company by the bus service center of client of the road central. “Because I am to rank an old person alone, the neighbour that the building fluctuates cares my home very much it is good to light gas to whether be maintained, I discuss the good person good work of Peng master neighbour to listen, they are right Nanjing harbor China this kind of excellent service is profuse in praise. Then, I feel to want Peng master this is planted good deed, with praising the form of the letter to let Nanjing harbor China leader knows, want to let the spirit that master of everybody study Peng is people this kind to serve heart and soul! ” Peng Youyi pay a return visit model undertake safety uses gas examination when grandma home to invite a client more be at ease, use gas surely, on August 7 morning, peng Youyi comes again model grandma home has pay a return visit, undertaking for her safety uses gas examination while, also popularized the safe knowledge that use gas. Pass Peng Youyi one time after careful examination, affirm model the equipment burning gas of grandma home does not have a problem at present. Subsequently, he tells model grandma, “Use when burning gas, indoor should notice ventilated, in the meantime, face before sleeping, should put out valve burning gas. ” say, peng Youyi leaves his connection way model grandma, let model the grandma is occupied and direct look for him, so convenient and quick. Model the hand of the handholding Peng Youyi with excited grandma, thank again and again! Model the hand of grandma handholding Peng Youyi thankses Hua Ran enrages harbor to be held to for a long time ” it is with the guest honour ” excellent service concept, devote oneself to to provide kind, major and efficient service for the client. This one act of Peng Youyi is Chinese of numerous Nanjing harbor an epitome of excellent service, refractive is Nanjing harbor China ” serve a client like family, let them feel kind with warmth ” great service state, provide more, better, closer service burning gas for Nanjing citizen ceaselessly. Here, nanjing harbor China lights gas to warn each citizen, high temperature weather opens air conditioning for long, want a window to aerate everyday; Especially kitchen, outside wanting to keep indoor ventilated take a breath. When boil cooks food, the person does not leave light gas to provide, prevent food to burn work or soup juice spills over, cause a harm. Daily face before sleeping, had better shut light gas total valve, do not be in the home for long to must close total valve.


Dispatch of dragon tiger net (Zheng Yingling of reporter Yang Xiao’s reporter) on July 5, party committee of community of elegant center of celestial being house combines black Wu Hu street community teachs a center, began jointly ” pass gules gene, in all word new era, put flying youth dream ” activity of thematic summer camp, black Wu Hu is street the party is versed in appoint parent of vice secretary Jin Hui, community and adolescent people nearly 50 people are present participated in this activity. On the activity, everybody listen respectfully ” let gules gene drip in haemal midstream ” and ” put flying youth ” two outstanding speeches stalk of grain, the patriotic feelings in performing lecture notes affected each present parents and children, aroused children the mission feeling that arrowy annals dedicates oneself to the service of his motherland, children express in succession, must accede glorious revolution is traditional, promote patriotism. This activity of summer camp theme still included Tao Yi, exceed light clay, robot, model to make, the experience project such as musical instrument, brushwork, children make a round trip in different project with the parent watch study. Be made in the model and in the project such as Tao Yi, children make the Tao Yi that belongs to his and plane model in succession, exercised children start work ability and synergic spirit; The project such as painterly, musical instrument lets children in the experience edify sentiment, open a window for children, let them acquire the knowledge that classroom does not go to school, enlarge horizon, increase experience. Of the activity begin, let adolescent people widened horizon, review red classical, understand gules culture. Grow for teenage health built favorable community environment, accelerated harmonious community construction.


Dispatch of dragon tiger net (Xu Zhouyan of reporter Xuan Xuan’s reporter) on August 7, eleventh of division of incredible connecting with the boxing skill of city of Chinese Communist Nanjing the 5th times the plenary session holds council. Study of plenary meeting development carries out be used to to make the same score the 19 great mind of thought of socialism of characteristic of new era China and party nearly, fulfil provincial Party committee seriously 4 plenary meeting and 13 municipal Party committee requirements of 14 6 plenary meeting, summary works first half of the year, task of deploy second half of the year, had caught opinion of central perambulatory feedback to rectify and reform seriously, liberate a thought deep, look for difference to mark in the round, take on actively to be, ensure manhood spends task of each project bid, building ” Jiang Fumei is tall ” new bigger step is stridden on Xin Xuanwu’s journey. Area appoint standing committee moderates. Plenary meeting is listened to and discussed a region appoint sea of clerical Xu Shu represents a district appoint standing committee place makes working report, listen to and discussed a region appoint the report that Mu Genglin of vice secretary, warden restrains sexual index to press a case about whole area, discussed city to develop assessment to evaluate a situation to area high quality. Xu dawn sea made summary speech. Plenary meeting affirms an area adequately appoint standing committee the job since this year, point out, area appoint the 19 great mind that standing committee holds to a study to carry out thought of socialism of characteristic of China of Xi Jinping new era and party regard principal politics as the task, raise a direction, ability that seeks reform of overall situation, calm policy, hurried and level ceaselessly, close working energy essential, overall situation and long-term respect concentration to the thing further, the key catchs good banner bright tell politics, right mark looks for difference to contend for top-ranking, concentrated force quantity to catch problem of innovation, focusing to fill short board, incentive a secretary in charge of sth builds 5 respects such as atmosphere to work, main economic norms leaves high to go high, progress of a batch of major projects is good, social the people’s livelihood ensures ceaseless improvement, each career obtains great progress, implementation of high quality development is good start. Plenary meeting is clear, job of second half of the year asks always is, in order to review thought of socialism of characteristic of China of close smooth new era is guidance, the 19 great mind that carry out a party stoutly and Xi Jinping’s secretary-general ask to the important directive of perambulatory job, fulfil in the round in the center of with provincial Party committee, municipal Party committee decision-making deploy, fulfil Xuan Wu of survey of collective of standing committee of municipal Party committee to ask deep, according to the area appoint generation of person of area of 11 4 plenary meeting, the beginning of the year is met affirmatory goal assignment and concerned job arrangement, stare at key, firm focusing key, closely to catch fulfil, ensure assignment of end of the comprehensive year that finish. Plenary meeting emphasizes, while second half of the year is doing the work on good side, want key focusing 5 respects: It is more thorough ground fulfils collective of standing committee of municipal Party committee survey Xuan Wu asks. Fulfil development collective survey requirement, as mix currently a paragraph of period will do good Xuan Wu to work henceforth advocate a general name for arteries and veins, full text is made on intensive, characteristic, thrust needs standing committee of municipal Party committee to coordinate the settlement of item, make a batch of economy ” high yield cropland ” , accomplish with characteristic be good at, with character get victory. 2 be more effectively begins work of innovation of science and technology. Deepness blends in famous city of whole town innovation to build, outstanding commercialize get together ability action, form innovation industry group, drive continuously ” two be born one confluence ” , optimize innovation element configuration further, perfect area innovation system. 3 it is solidder ground drives development transition to upgrade. Outstanding quality the first, beneficial result is first, from beginning to end ” one city two streets 3 areas ” stand for war as what transition develops, regard the foundation that transition develops as major project from beginning to end, optimize expedite transition development with the industry ” hematic arteries and veins ” , make transition ” contain Troy ” economic system of more sufficient modern the city zone. 4 be more essence of life has made fight of 3 large assault fortified positions definitely. Severe catch contaminative processing, next the greatest strength deepen couplet of air pollution joint defence to treat, utmost reduces gas to pollute a source, continue to strengthen water environment processing. Be on guard dissolve a venture, severe blow collects money illegally, begin big platoon to examine big punish action deep, ensure harmony of social overall situation is stable. Aggrandizement social security, fulfil each the people’s livelihood to guarantee policy in the round, exert oneself solves good basic necessities of life, birth, live and work in peace and contentment the problem that waits for masses to care most. 5 it is action of function of the city zone of center of provincial capital of play of more effective ground. Style and features of city of model of essence of life, optimize service safeguard, of aggrandizement city hard prop up, enhance the happy sense of masses, promote figure of the city zone character and functional grade, the action of central the city zone of cogent play incredible connecting with the boxing skill. Plenary meeting points out, begin emancipatory thought to discuss greatly, it is high quality of aggrandizement of with a view to of provincial Party committee development thought safeguard, incentive new era is new take on new as a when make great and decision-making deploy. Municipal Party committee is carried out implement spirit of provincial Party committee, put forward clearly to drive reforming and opening in order to liberate a thought to set out again, promote function of provincial capital city and first place spent demand. Should make the same score thought of socialism of characteristic of new era China in order to review to be nearly abide by at all, understanding cogent and unified to Xi Jinping thought of socialism of characteristic of new era China comes up, the place that everything and new idea do not get used to determined slam the door. Want to drive the settlement of real problem in order to liberate the effect of the thought, break through system sex barrier, good reform route takes in development, stress internationalization way, open card has been played in confluence. Should perserve emancipatory thought as long-term mission hold on, with ” go up in the road forever ” determination volition exerts oneself to do sth. continuously, make emancipatory thought makes the self-conscious behavior of Party member cadre and long-term habit. Plenary meeting emphasizes, the construction that should carry out new era party seriously always asks, a when rectify and reform opinion of the perambulatory feedback central actively to be in charge of a party to control a faction as whole area seriously major task, implement spirit of the whole nation and conference of job of complete province organization deep, with politics construction gets the construction that strengthens a party in the round for all, farther sturdy ” 4 consciousness ” ” safeguard twice ” , fulfil perambulatory the political task that rectify and reform, the constituent line of party of new era of carry out travel, gallop and do not cease the ground has been caught wind respectful discipline, build the party more strongly strong. Plenary meeting points out, important matter tickler looks take on, brave of come into unavoidable confrontation person get the better of. Implementation high quality develops, ask taller, pressure is greater, the task is heavier, need us to promote particularly take on spirit, carry a responsibility on the shoulder, choose each career ceaselessly with more high-spirited attitude to development. Should show in carrying a responsibility new take on, in grip a new outstanding achievement works in fulfilling, new style and features is revealed in optimizing style, low-key deal with concrete matters relating to work not the arm since make public, Lu is cheered dry, create more excellent high quality to develop fruit, for ” Jiang Fumei is tall ” Xin Xuanwu construction makes new larger contribution. Area appoint committee member, backup committee member attends the meeting. Area discipline appoint committee member, concerned respect is in charge of comrade and conference of attend as a nonvoting delegate of party representative of partial basic level. Door of incredible connecting with the boxing skill city of street, area runs new housing development of garden of street, plum new and high area makes bureau, Xu Zhuang communication makes a speech.


Dispatch of dragon tiger net (Zheng Yingling of reporter Zhu Jia’s reporter) on July 20 morning, reform of unifinication of processing of society of division of incredible connecting with the boxing skill and innovation reseau change the job to advance can be in area appoint Party school is held ceremoniously. Area appoint sea of clerical Xu Shu attends the meeting and for Nanjing reseau institute Xuan Wu branch department uncovers a shop sign, area appoint members of standing committee, politics and law appoint clerical Xu Kai moderates, area appoint Chen Yihua of minister of ministry of members of standing committee, propaganda, area appoint Ling Liyu of deputy inspector of government of Zhang Huimin of minister of ministry of members of standing committee, organization, district, the main and responsible comrade of unit of the member that unifinication of area society processing reforms the job to lead small composition, each are street put together treats delegate of the member that do director and reseau to add up to 80 much people attended the meeting. As province, city innovation reseau changes a society to administer the pilot the city zone of the mechanism, since 2017, division of incredible connecting with the boxing skill with grasper of reseau melt into, it is a target with unifinication, built whole area society to administer unifinication cloud platform, sank integrated administration executes the law force, differentiated 516 societies administer reseau, began a society to administer fundamental data conformity to work, research and development ” one net connects Xuan Wu ” APP of mobile phone terminal makes the same score stage butt joint with unifinication cloud, released area, street in order to build information system for the foundation two class society stabilizes an index, the society administered unifinication reform to obtain initial effect. On the meeting, area appoint opening of bureau of civil administration of Party school, area, new market is street change a society to administer a mechanism to worked to be done respectively around innovation reseau make known his position to make a speech. Area appoint Party school expresses, branch department of incredible connecting with the boxing skill of Nanjing reseau institute will hold to ” the principle that surname a party ” , development study carries out be used to to make the same score thought of politics and law of socialism of characteristic of new era China nearly, carry out fulfil an area appoint, the decision-making deploy that district government works about social processing, the key has been done make an institute, model an open platform, forging an academy works 3 times, high quality finishs reseau to change each job that education grooms, advance whole area society to administer unifinication to reform to higher level, more high quality stride. Bureau of area civil administration will be in area appoint, below the strong leadership of district government, below the specific guidance that administers unifinication to reform the job to head a group in area society, buckle overall situation of community, service closely, build reseau rise; Rely on masses of community, service, let reseau move rise; Blend in innovation of community, service, let reseau fire rise, whole thrust administers unifinication reform and innovation reseau chemical industry to make into area society. New market opening is street will according to the area appoint, the overall deploy of district government, increase force to measure integrated strength, web case changes social processing to build structure in all; Establish operation pattern of new period reseau, advance reseau to change social processing to be treated in all reach the designated position; Exploration unifinication society administers new method, build reseau to change social processing to share atmosphere, cogent the society processing unifinication reform and innovation reseau change the job to be advanced to depth ceaselessly. Xu dawn sea goes out in speaking middle finger, accelerate a society to administer unifinication reform, innovation reseau changes the job, it is to carry out the 19 great mind that fulfil be used to to make the same score thought of socialism of characteristic of new era China and party nearly, advance a society to administer system and the significant move that administer ability modernization quickly. Whole area should hold water with branch department of Xuan Wu of Nanjing reseau institute for chance, follow closely reforms pace, innovate continuously develop, comprehensive promotion society governs a level. After the meeting, branch department of incredible connecting with the boxing skill of Nanjing reseau institute reseau of first phase member groom also the corresponding period flies a class. Work to advance innovation reseau to change processing deep, discover for a short while and solve masses to appeal to beg, branch department of incredible connecting with the boxing skill of institute of Nanjing city reseau head period reseau member groom the class arranged technical company and relevant administration to execute the law leader comrade of the branch undertakes explaining training, right ” one net connects Xuan Wu ” of APP apply, be on the move and handle a problem to begin deal with concrete matters relating to work to groom, realize unifinication to attemper hard direct, trouble-free the target that linkage cooperates with.