Dispatch of dragon tiger net (Yu Wei of reporter Zhang Xiaochao’s reporter) review round oath, listen veteran tell story of war of resistance against aggression, Xiang Yinglie to present a flower… on April 2 morning, an activity of grand thematic round day is in Gui Zishan cemetery of revolutionary martyrs to hold, 6 combine a division appoint Wang Hui of vice secretary of vice secretary Zhang Ge, round municipal Party committee, 6 combine a division appoint education is versed in appoint, round area appoint, Taurus lake is street the party is versed in appoint main controller, 6 combine a division each middle school (duty) the 280 more than person such as round organization controller, student and member representing attends this ” green heart builds result new era to party · ” activity of thematic round day. Pines and cypresses of verdant green sets off one another the Gui Zishan cemetery of revolutionary martyrs below appears majestic all the more, solemn and respectful, member youths are encircled to revolutionary martyr Jing Xianhua here, majestic below monument stand in silent tribute, student and young delegate still are used from make up guide oneself the program Xiang Yinglie that acts oneself people tribute, recall fights bravely in the bathed in blood in the battle the revolutionary martyr that loses life; Face bright red round standard, everybody is majestic make a pledge, the earnest acceptance of the member that make the Youth League again with clank oath. Duration May 4th movement of 1919 100 years during, to be promoted further ” patriotic, progress, democratic, science ” 54 spirit, broad member youth follows drive guiding whole area sturdily forever the good faith that the party walks along, reveal green elegant demeanour, contend for the advocate that makes socialistic core viewpoint of value, person that carry out, member of youth of Zhang Ge encourage: Young generation rational thinks, have take on, the country has an outlook, the nation is hopeful. The choice of a flock of people, decided national destiny. 100 barge are contended for stream, act vigorously barge-pole person first. The belief in the heart, want the operation with real translate into. Green heart to the party, build result new era, want with time will not wait for me, the sense of urgency of seize every minute, capture closely with the great motherland, opportunity that grows together with great period, with 54 spirit corrective life coordinate, sturdy life chooses, extend life arena, casting is remembered with respect to eternal youth. Remember their immortal gallant achievement and the sacrificial drive that the act vigorously that urge a person takes well, mission of feel no regret takes on, do not lose times dream, revive for the nation contribute more green force. According to the group deploy of central unified arrangement, this year 6 areas joining a group appoint still will wish around grand Chongqing People’s Republic of China establishs May 4th movement of 1919 of 70 anniversary, souvenir 100 years, continue to organize develop much field ” green heart to the party? Build result new era ” activity of special topic round day, outstanding ceremony teachs impel action, rely on each district red to teach resource, the member that organize whole area the Youth League is accepted in majestic and solemn and respectful ceremony ” be enmeshed type ” mental ablution.

南京 按摩 服务

Dispatch of dragon tiger net (Zhang Shan of reporter promise reporter) on March 26, 6 add up to a developing zone to promote the many ground of bureau, 6 past Guangdong before joining the sectional group such as area high new developed area to undertake butt joint of capital attraction project jointly with 6 investment combining a division. Begin Zhuhai is in in making an on-the-spot investigation on the spot, the some major vendor that they saw system of filling light of domestic contemporary agriculture and system of light of ocean fisher fish and get army enterprise, this proprietor of an enterprise wants base oneself upon at contemporary establishment farming (fishing) intelligence of high end of course of study equips — the development of artificial optical system and production, it is one of main suppliers of market of equipment of high end of agriculture of Euramerican and contemporary wisdom, level of technology of its core product is in home banner, international is advanced level, own multinomial and own intellectual property at the same time. As the rapid development of Hua Dong market, existing production base has reached saturation, the company answers speed to contented market needs and promote the market, in Nanjing layout relief is in new manufacturing radical to go surely, this company controller expresses, nanjing is one of Chinese talent’s most concentrated cities, upgrade to their technical research and development and product crucial. In Yun Fu, they visited some new energy resources is truckload center of research and development of technology of manufacturing workshop, industry, product of heart of pronucleus of this company order is introduced absorb foreign technology, realize own intellectual property already completely at present, partial performance index even excel abroad product. Zhang Zong of this company vise general manager expresses, nanjing has the good property base that expands car of new energy resources and vast market space, 6 add up to an area to have this industry to expand particular resource dominant position again, inside industry of company plan combination famous appear on the market company, 6 add up to a project to will be made with mode of entire industry catenary, the source of fluctuation idle fund such as production of sufficient and integrated research and development, nanjing of integral layout be born. Next, 6 combine a development will active jointly with concerned branch, refine a project to invest demand seriously, accelerate advance a project to change be born, strive for a project to be spent at an early date 6 close, seek ” the breakthrough that enrol business year ” new better breakthrough.


6 leaders combining a division are in 6 add up to a developing zone to begin safe production superintend and director to check dispatch of net of working dragon tiger (Zhang Shan of reporter promise reporter) on March 30 morning, chairman of committee of major of safe production of company of 6 industry combining a division, deputy warden, developing zone party is versed in appoint clerical Shi Yongjun takes group division to be versed in management board of letter bureau, lash-up, market superintends group of bureau, fire control to wait for member unit to arrive 6 add up to economic developing zone to develop safe production hidden trouble big platoon is checked, 6 add up to a developing zone to be in charge of appoint Jiang Guangfei of conference vice director accompanies superintend and director to check. Person of Shi Yongjun group looked carefully at limited company of equipment of circuit of Nanjing of Chinese energy group and Nanjing east carefully benefit heart is rubber-plastic the enterprise of limited company of science and technology produces the spot, understood an enterprise to produce craft and flow, listened to the report that two companies work about safe production. 6 add up to developing zone and concerned member unit to superintended the job and plan of job leaving a stage to have specific report to near future safety. Final Shi Yongjun offerred opinion of the following job: It is to should have stressed hidden danger of current safe production big platoon investigates big repair work. 2 it is to should catch source of risk of good focal point to identify a canal to accuse. 3 it is to want method of way of work of innovation safe production. This superintend applies Yong Jun science and technology of advanced safe production manages the automation of square to Nanjing Li Dedong company, informatization the method expresses to approbate, and the experience that each business has learned the appeal, introduce the practice of advanced safe production management.


Dragon tiger net (Zhang Shan of reporter Xie Shenghong’s reporter) the level of Wu of service quality kimono that serves an item to raise basic and communal sanitation further, promote a dweller healthy to oneself acknowledge, cogent accomplish ” diagnose early discovery, early, early treatment ” , improve quality of dweller health life. Since recently, pool of 6 dragon combining a division is street new market community civilian old people of 65 years old of above goes to community of service center organization community sanitation service center develops activity of free and healthy check-up. New market community civilian the service center is old people spot of free check-up activity is led to raise ginseng check, this community begins in check-up activity before, inform through electronic screen, paste, extend a variety of forms such as data of check-up conduct propaganda, phone undertake an announcement, so that this check-up works,go on wheels. It is reported, this second check-up project includes: Measure blood pressure, investigate laboratory test of eyesight, lung audition a heart, exsanguinate, do electrocardiogram, B to exceed, health seeks advice wait for content, outside the free service that check-up activity provided advantage for community dweller not only, and the consciousness of healthy health care that enhanced old people further, concept that establishs healthy life, provided good platform to improve life quality. To the tall danger crowd that discovers in the examination and chronic patient, community sanitation service center can turn the circumstance to community sanitation service station, bring into by service station ” slow ill standardization manages ” in, to these old people specific aim ground is begun follow regularly visit, healthy interpose and service of healthy conduct propaganda, make senile friends clear experience the community care to them and care.