Dispatch of dragon tiger net (Yu Wei of reporter Zhang Xiaochao’s reporter) ” reform sets out again development high quality. Nanjing celebrates reforming and opening 40 years ” , on August 17, the reporter walks into town of 6 bamboo combining a division, visit bamboo to press down cooperation of agriculture machinery establishing friend early or late, “Big spring other people ” community of magnetism of cereal of zoology of jasmine flower garden, Ba Buluo, gold, masses is literary central and other places, cogent experience land the decay that integrated punish brings to bamboo town. In recent years, zhuzhen presses down a land integrated punish serves as ” build good carrier, adjust enrich the people, stimulative economy is coordinated in the round can develop continuously ” important step will catch, according to ” construction of unified program, equitable distribution, form a complete set, proper lead ” principle, follow development, develop, be benefited tenet, with land integrated punish is grasper, active exploration rural area promotes new approach. Cooperation of major of agriculture machinery establishing friend establishs 2015, was judged to be cooperation of ministry class demonstrative major 2017. Since cooperation holds water oneself, change agriculture machinery works alone before change whole journey service for intensive, hold water inside cooperation, jump the queue of tractor-ploughing team, machine, machine prevents team, machine to receive team and machine to build a line ” 5 teams ” , unified use ” agriculture machinery establishing friend ” fascia. Adopt ” cooperation + base + farmer ” administrative pattern. Cooperation executes a service collaboration with manufacturing collaboration two total mode, namely cooperation offers tractor-ploughing, machine to sow for circumjacent farmer (insert) , machine close wait for service of agriculture machinery socialization, provide mechanization service for this company commune member. Cooperation controller Zhang Liyou introduces, at present cooperation provides center of garage room, drying and mechanism of of all kinds agriculture 22. Among them mechanization of stoving center whole journey works, carbonado solid food feeds 90 tons, cloudy day also but as usual is reaped. Current, cooperation already was registered use ” 6 bamboo ” card commissariat brand, make work to export. Next, cooperation exert oneself changes a service to collect mechanization, informatization, intelligence at an organic whole cultivate, the treatment, omnibus agriculture that sells one continuous line to serve exercise is professional cooperation stride. Adjust enrich the people respect, zhu Zhenzhen buckles contemporary agriculture closely to develop this masterstroke, combine what contemporary agriculture, travel agriculture expands scope to adjust scale, increase land punish scope ceaselessly, stimulative agriculture transition upgrades. Carry qualitative synergism to be a foundation with contemporary agriculture, accelerate rural just a little 3 industries confluence develops, enhance agricultural quality benefit and competition ability in the round. Introduce early or late Babuluo, Rong Cheng, Yi Li, Lang Shi, new farming, the Huaihe River installs colour of the land of country, Suzhou maple to wait for enterprise of many 30 agriculture dimensions, form it is a center with township, western the golden magnetism organisms’ habits that artery and upper artery are gallery is circular agriculture, old fontal lake, stop Ma Ling is recreational agriculture, big spring oil of 8 lis of high grade grain is vegetable 3 core piece area. Among them project of cereal of Ba Buluo zoology, already formed high-quality goods grape to cultivate at present, traditional crop is cultivated, economic Lin Guo is cultivated, nursery stock of big canopy vegetable is cultivated, the area of 5 big functions such as breed of raise of aquatic product birds. Form garden of industry of science and technology of grazing land of garden of industry of grape of contemporary travel sightseeing, modern city and contemporary agriculture culture to experience industrial garden. In the meantime, exploration ” land share cooperates ” add receive a mechanism, guide a farmer to become a shareholder of one’s own accord with land right of administration establish land share cooperation, enjoy share earnings share out bonus; Support returns countryside to do poineering work, use Babuluo ” cloud hutch 1 station ” community inn advantage, rely on technology of courtyard of province farming division to prop up, encourage farm of farmer and cooperation, family, large family to sign ” order agriculture ” contract, execute protective price to buy, profit is returned still wait for means to increase farmer income; Make actively ” colorful bamboo is pressed down ” card of general articles for use of region of township of first market of whole town, first 8 award number of sale, tourist to grow 30% above on average, rate of product excessive price is in on average 10% the left and right sides. Beautiful country builds an aspect, pass executive country person in order to advance macrocosm travel development to reside environmental punish for breach promotion and rural synthesis construction are pilot, advance beautiful country construction to carry archives to upgrade in the round. 2009, golden magnetism community takes the lead in carrying out in Zhu Zhenzhen ” fertile land of 10 thousand just ” construction project, whole village removes farmer 1224, make ” golden magnetism home ” the farmer finds a place for village. With couplet at present platoon villa is given priority to, badge clique characteristic is bright, common establish form a complete set perfect, service government is normative ” golden magnetism home ” the farmer finds a place for the village has been formed; At the same time golden magnetism community insists to close with carrying out contemporary agriculture to promote a farmer to add, the way that drives construction of new rural area, introduced Jiangsu to save farming division courtyard, Yiliji early or late round, Babuluosheng is state valley, big exhibit a company to wait for enterprise of 6 agricultural bibcock, scale is on the move land 17190 mus, land is on the move accrual is close 10 million yuan. Realized a village 2017 collective economy income 3 million yuan, net income of farmer average per capita 24640 yuan. Have the honor to win Jiangsu to save countryside of the most beautiful country, provincial zoology village, province to revitalize travel to enrich the people early or late class of advanced village, city ” new era pioneer ” the title such as demonstrative village of beautiful country of organization of party of advanced basic level, city. Next, golden magnetism community still will find a place for soundly further center an area public service government, perfect construction of establishment of form a complete set ceaselessly, aggrandizement is right of enterprise of bibcock of agriculture of area under administration dog service, make complete province with all one’s strength area of banner, whole town’s famed example of construction of new rural area.


Dispatch of dragon tiger net (Zhang Shan of Yao Guodong of reporter Zhu Chengchao’s reporter) ” this coke bottle should be to be able to reclaim rubbish ” , “This dirty facial tissue paper that I collect is other rubbish ” … 35 come from south change the rubbish with small fact to classify small volunteer the rubbish from the picking up inside the park, classify one by one put into corresponding plastic bucket. On August 21, by squadron of saddle of canal of 6 cities combining a division, saddle street group is versed in appoint and experimental elementary school changes to be begun jointly south Nanjing city ” little hand plays old hand, rubbish classifies quick march ” volunteer activity is in 6 add up to an area to make the same score Shan Senlin park to hold. 35 fellow students that join an activity provide team member and round work in the city appoint of the volunteer guided next is in inside the park to undertake picking up rubbish classifies appraise through comparison, the rubbish classification that small volunteers will collect eagerly actively severally collects a bucket into different rubbish inside, sponsorred square spot to undertake appraise through comparison, children at the same time ground of earnestly practise what one advocates realizes the move, value that experiencing care environment, participate in rubbish classification with real operation at the same time. ” cord toggle a bit, be not blown off by wind! Should go to cord bolt truncal above, such ability are more safe… ” so this is the activity of oriental cherry tree that undertaking claim rubbish classifies commonweal forest. In claim process, 35 fellow students are good advance preparation keep the claim card that has him full name, suspension is on the oriental cherry tree inside commonweal forest, the growth that cultivates in oriental cherry is periodic inside, the classmate that wins claim medal can be in of the parent accompany come down inside commonweal garden, participate in what oriental cherry cultivates to water fertilization worm, help sapling is built health grow, the zoology environment that is smooth Shan Senlin contributes his force. It is reported, street rubbish classifies saddle commonweal forest is located in northwest of park of smooth hill forest to be in inside oriental cherry cereal, cultivated oriental cherry tree has early cherry, Wan Ying more than 1000 individual plant. Rubbish classifies zoology commonweal forest is 6 saddle combining a division street be safeguarded to come true and improve zoology environment, maintain ecological balance, protect biology diversity to wait for the innovation act that can admit a target to adopt continuously, aim to arouse claim ginseng and rubbish classification, drive a family to take an active part in rubbish classification through a student, protect the earth.


Dispatch of dragon tiger net (Zhang Shan of reporter promise reporter) to remember the clank oath when Party member join or be admitted to the party well, recall the training course that leading Party group weaves, arouse the Party member’s altruistic and consecratory job passion, on August 10 morning, 6 add up to ministry of general branch of economic development institution to be celebrated for collective of 10 Party members ” political birthday ” . In the activity, each branch secretary has been been ” political birthday ” the Party member adorns party badge, give ” political birthday ” the gift, application form when serving join or be admitted to the party, recall join or be admitted to the party why; All Party member reviews oath of join or be admitted to the party, review the determination when join or be admitted to the party and belief; Broadcast record beforehand ” Party member aspirations ” , comprehend what to do for the party now. 6 add up to developing zone party to be versed in appoint the collective confabulate of Gao Gong of secretary of department of general branch of vice secretary, office talks, let this ” political birthday ” meeting activity is pushed to the climax, she expresses, “The application form on the hand awakens a bit memory that my join or be admitted to the party comes to 20 years; “Political birthday ” greeting card, book, flower and cake are the impress of a birthday that stay not only, it is deep thought Nie more, already sublimate the meaning of birthday of Party member politics, aroused the resonance of Party member heart again; Party member ” political birthday ” , it is the motivation that faithfulness of incentive Party member walks on duty, ready to dedicate. All Party members of hope developing zone can develop a model adequately to lead action, enhance temporarily inner feeling and affirmatory oath translate into sense of mission of Party member sense of responsibility, think what to will leave for the party henceforth ceaselessly. Do not forget first heart, from beginning to end; Not forget one’s origin is true, always nurture is ecru; Do not forget source, ability shedding is long. Carry this activity, the developing zone invites a Party member ” political birthday ” become party spirit education ” gas station ” , become close party organization and Party member concern ” Lian Xinqiao ” . Party members express to will not forget in succession first heart, remember a mission well, drive a developing zone to be on economic progress hard carry of try to be the first, contend for on service company start a brand, in ” Jiang Fumei is tall ” contend for newly on the 6 construction that close make contribution!

南京洗浴 娱乐场所

Dispatch of dragon tiger net (reporter Liu Wenrong Reporter Yu Wei) on August 21, 6 add up to an area to hold macrocosm travel to advance the meeting, the analysis is current the new situation that 6 tourism combining a division face, make clear the new move that tourism of a period will develop henceforth, arouse next farther emancipatory thoughts on whole area, coagulate the heart gets together force, seek get right on the job of poor, innovation to mark, drive macrocosm travel development to stride new chance to extricateoneself from an awkward position. City travels appoint director Jin Weidong, area appoint clerical Zhu Zhihong, warden wears Hua Jie to attend the meeting and make important speech. Area appoint every of the first month of members of standing committee, deputy warden has moderate. In recent years, 6 tourism combining a division carried the good state that develops continuously, 2017, whole area recieves a tourist to break through 9.3 million person-time, tourism increases a value to occupy proportion of area total output value to amount to 4.5% , travel already made the 6 economic point of growths with combine a division significant. Zhu Zhihong points out, development macrocosm travels must recognize situation, unite idea idea, condense extensive consensus. Whole area wants serious study to carry out up and down in the center of ask with the deploy that visit town, sufficient recognize advances the great sense that macrocosm travel develops and deep connotation, cogent enhance thought and action consciousness. 6 add up to an area to want to see at present tourism development returns existence industry dimensions already resource of small, travel comes loose, public service is inferior wait for problem weak point board, the area that also should be known adequately and develops good oneself advantage, zoology advantage, space advantage and late dominant position. Zhu Zhihong says, boost macrocosm tourism, involve square respect area, various and departmental door wants whole area to liberate thought, development innovation further, each wait in concept, mechanism, policy, job domain and when all is entered, get used to new condition, new requirement actively, serve as actively, squeezing ramming responsibility, with to hair force, drive macrocosm travel job to obtain new breakthrough. Zhu Zhihong emphasizes, the near future, area appoint district government early or late print and distribute ” the opinion that develops about advancing 6 macrocosm combining a division to travel ” , ” 6 add up to an area to advance macrocosm travel to develop the action 3 years to plan ” reach relevant give aid to policy document, right 6 added up to act of task of goal of strategy of development macrocosm travel, key, job to wait to be mixed clearly refine. He points out, current, the key matters namely buckle macrocosm travel to develop project of 6 big promotion, be dedicated to coming true ” 4 new breakthroughs ” . It is there should be new breakthrough on development pattern. As late area, development macrocosm travel should raise a station above all, stress good design carrying a layer on the head with global eye shot, optimize development pattern, dish resource of vivid macrocosm travel, direction is made clear in just can advancing macrocosm travel to develop a process, hold a key. 2 be make in the brand on should have new breakthrough. Should develop adequately 6 close good travel resource base, travel through highlighting terrain distinguishing feature to make a batch of country it is brand, good to tell 6 add up to a story to make advantage of zoology of brand of travel of a batch of culture, play make brand of travel of a batch of health body, make the 6 travel services that combine and travel product get used to the new condition that macrocosm travel develops well. 3 be there should be new breakthrough on innovation development. Innovation is the basic power that all industries expand, macrocosm travel is new industrial form, want to strengthen mechanism innovation, content innovation, product innovation, expand demand in order to start new and contented industry. 4 be there should be new breakthrough on service of form a complete set. As the advent of macrocosm travel period, give environment of demand of a means, service, market to be in produce profound change, want take advantage of an opportunity and be, drive macrocosm travel environment to carry archives to upgrade. Jin Weidong puts forward, tourism is national economy strategical pillar industry, it is the forerunner industry that stimulative countryside revitalizes, it is the happy industry that experiences good life. Accordingly, develop travel industry to be opposite energetically 6 add up to economy to develop a sense great. Catch travel, since stresses economy, also be to catch the people’s livelihood. Party committee and government are responsible increase reform of travel supply side, solve good travel development is lopsided inadequate problem, satisfy the travel demand that numerous people increases increasingly, the satisfaction that improves travel is spent, enhance the happy sense of the life. From the point of the current situation, the fundamental condition that macrocosm of 6 development combining a division travels is very advantageous, meanwhile, lack essential factor of industry of bibcock core tourist attraction, travel to configure system of not quite reasonable, public service to still remain to perfect etc short board relatively apparent also. Hope 6 close can capture macrocosm travel to establish turning point, optimize travel to develop an environment systematically in the round. Want to optimize travel traffic environment, compasses equalize approves travel scenery to. 2 should catch construction of good travel project hammer and tongs, make destination travel product as soon as possible. 3 want amlposition to develop rustic tourism, accelerate breed condition of travel new job. 4 should strengthen constituent leader, form macrocosm travel to expand new resultant force. He expresses, city travels appoint support will give in the respect such as policy, conduct propaganda, capital, help strength hammer and tongs 6 combine travel development. On the meeting, warden wears Hua Jie to make specific work deploy with respect to travel of 6 macrocosm combining a division, he points out, mix currently henceforth a period, the overall demand that whole area travel expands is with Xi Jinping thought of socialism of characteristic of new era China is guidance, carry out the 19 great mind of the party in the round. Fulfil deep innovation, harmonious, green, open, share development concept, big thrust revitalizes the strategy into countryside, seize the opportunity of macrocosm travel development and reform of travel supply side, hold to macrocosm resource to plan as a whole, oriented, innovation leads tourist demand development, gain build in all share, advance tourism to come true more high quality, development is integrated benefit promotes ceaselessly, be in hard ” development pattern, brand is made, innovation development, form a complete set serves ” 4 respects obtain new breakthrough, for construction ” Jiang Fumei is tall ” new 6 close offer strong prop up.


Dispatch of dragon tiger net (Zhang Shan of reporter Zhao Yuanlong’s reporter) a few days ago, team member of go on a tour of inspection of evening shift of military unit corresponding to a company of land of broken bits of 6 canals shutting a city is in near Shuang Hangqiao when go on a tour of inspection, investigate to be carried without card, still think ” cover a region ” city canal executes the law the broken bits earth of personnel carries a car. On July 4 before dawn, military unit corresponding to a company of land of broken bits of 6 canals shutting a city executes the law personnel is when go on a tour of inspection of area under administration, in male city street consolidate of dike of small battalion river widens transform project spot to discover date of a car is revive car of earth of AJ2090 broken bits is carrying cubic meter of earth on dike of small battalion river, when just when execute the law,car of personnel preparation examination carries certificate, the driver hides into dike quickly in, jumbly was in in carriage motorcade. As a result of dike road narrows, execute the law personnel gets off discharge inquiry to ask all the way along dike. Execute the law personnel along dike pedestrian toward in walked along about 6 kilometers, discover the site one staff member enquires this car track to its, this staff member tells a city the canal executes the law team member, this car already to another alley travel. At that time, the city is in charge of team member to pass the perambulate discovery to the spot: This a section of a highway did not discover the trail of travel of car of broken bits earth. Continue to walk along 2 kilometers to control on foot in vain toward dike directly again, be in the end place of dike, car of this experience thing discovers at the back of a navvy. In investigation understanding arrives: It is car of earth of this broken bits so advocate with car of earth of other broken bits advocate understanding, after discovering the city provides team member of go on a tour of inspection, jumbly in other vehicle team member, arrange personnel to driving electric car, the staff member that attends to each dots has been united ” caliber ” , want to escape city canal to execute the law with this of personnel find out. But, vehicle of car of earth of experience thing broken bits advocate did not think of city canal executes the law personnel is met get behind ” cover a region ” . Final, because without approve branch be executinged the law by city canal gives party 5000 yuan administration punishment lawfully,earth of this broken bits carries car.


Dispatch of dragon tiger net is farther civilian benefit civilian Hui Min, since August 20, 6 combine a division praedial register will carry again fast. In 6 combine a division inside state-owned land limits (do not contain straight abbacy of Jiang Beixin area) , the part that accords with a condition registers a type to will execute the spot to do a form, send card on the spot; The individual that accords with a condition is not the residence kind general hypothec is registered first, execute a job to do a form in a few days. Among them, the condition that should accord with at the same time includes: The building that registers after July 1, 2017 (it is with the registering time of put down in writing of praedial authority letter accurate; Commodity house is transferred first register it is in order to change connection only time accurate) ; Program use and land utility are consistent; Be not a large amount of batch; Do not involve taxation controversy processing, taxation to investigate a nucleus solid, artificial evaluate wait for a problem; Did not produce other state (if want power book investigation,wait) . Execute the spot to do the knot, registering kind that sends card on the spot to have: Commodity house is transferred first register (move contacts odd date to be after July 1, 2017) ; The room that put an amount trades the type that register includes buying and selling to put quantity house (contain portion to make over) praedial move is registered (deal with along with all the others trade put on record, taxation) , buying and selling puts quantity house and the hypothec that conduction housing borrows money registers buyer with praedial move amalgamative deal with (deal with along with all the others trade put on record, taxation) , economy is applicable housing appears on the market trading praedial move is registered (deal with along with all the others trade put on record, taxation) , donative the praedial move of the room that put an amount is registered (deal with along with all the others trade put on record, taxation) ; Individual residence kind general hypothec is registered first, hypothec person should serve a system to open the praedial information that register to share (bank edition) bank orgnaization, etc. (reporter Zou Wei)


Dispatch of dragon tiger net (Zhang Shan of reporter Xu Baojin’s reporter) on July 4 morning, vice-chairman of Nanjing city the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, municipal Wu runs group of director Yang Ping, come city of 6 hero combining a division is street civilian government affairs of province of Jiangsu of survey of community of service center, phoenix serves ” one net is connected do ” in street, community pilot moving circumstance. Xu Youjun of standing deputy warden and region government affairs run district government the leader such as director Shen Qian attends, leader of secondary division class, male city is street the party is versed in appoint the relevant functionary such as clerical Xie Qingsen and Zhou Zhengdong of street agency director accompanies survey. Yang Ping group, arrive early or late male city is street civilian service center and phoenix community civilian the service center undertakes survey. In street civilian secretary of community of service center phoenix Introduction Tao Licui is civilian service ” whole journey does sth for sb ” reach government affairs to serve ” one net is connected do ” after working circumstance, affirmation of Yang Ping height is street be in with community for civilian service, serve in government affairs especially ” one net is connected do ” the place on pilot moving job makes exploration of pole of measure of land and effort. In the meantime, reach to normative service next ” one net is connected do ” the job puts forward to hope, he asks ” never leave home can handle affairs ” ” deal with on online application, net, free express delivery, safety is excellent ” civilian, servive routine has done benefit civilian, do solid, let masses get material benefit from inside reform, let common people acquire more self-identity feeling and happy move.


Dispatch of dragon tiger net (reporter Zhao Yuanlong) wind snow is hard, favor warmth. 6 canals shutting a city already hurried off to the city zone early on January 4 main road and bridge undertake sweeping snow slushy. The snowfall of one night, heavy snow distributes greater part the trade tree of a section of a highway to be pressed, go out to bring great inconvenience all right to pedestrian and car, for this, 6 canals shutting a city organize personnel, machinery to sweep road and bridge firn at the same time, move at the same time come the branch doing of mechanical, car to lodging undertakes clearing. End at present, this job still is in continuously, already cleared road of the Yangtse River breaks branch to do 10 more than car. Fight bravely in snow more show tender feeling! Fight bravely to provide team member in the city of forefront of the prevent frostbite that sweep snow, have difficulty to car and pedestrian, need to help, the team member that 6 cities combining a division provide inflict aids, see the old person walks, below foot crossing the bridge flabby, go by actively to support sb with hand the old person crosses the bridge, cross zebra crossing, still have hold a little baby in the arms actively to cross a street; See place of a few car skids, do not go by, stretch his hand instantly help push; The bridge on the electric tricycle preparation that the city canal team member that fighting bravely in bridge of smelt metal riverside discovers to one is holding an old person, fall as a result of the wheel however wet slippery, in place revolve, act instantly, stretch his hand actively help old person ” come home ” , all without exception of act of this one act makes this wind Xue Li much a few minutes ” warm meaning ” .


Dispatch of dragon tiger net (Shen Jing of reporter of exercitation of reporter Yan fine bright) in recent years, duty Wu system ascertains a state actively ” brief politics put power, put a canal to take ” wait for working requirement, comprehensive brief decrease taxation to examine and approve item, privilege of will major taxation approves instead to put on record by careful management, reduced taxpayer burden, make taxpayer enjoys taxation privilege more conveniently. It is reported, bureau of tax of 6 land combining a division is in management of succeed of daily taxation privilege, discover existence has a few taxpayer to put on record because of dealing with formalities ” by accident ” the circumstance that enjoys taxation privilege. To be fulfilled effectively ” put a canal to take ” , bureau of 6 tax adding up to the ground from the following 3 respects ensure taxation is favourable ” the canal reachs the designated position ” . It is to strengthen privilege to put on record item follow-up manages. Put on record in favourable item below the premise that make, accept link to examine the integrality of the data only, not content of essence of examine and verify, brought about the enterprise that does not accord with favourable condition partly to also enjoy favourable policy by accident, and once put on record,mistake is, satisfy taxation privilege requirement namely, general won’t active check oneself from correct. To make sure national tax payment does not corrode, bureau of 6 tax adding up to the ground makes clear taxation privilege succeed to run specific flow and requirement, ensure every enterprise enjoys taxation privilege well and truly. 2 it is play job subjective activity. Bureau of 6 tax adding up to the ground expedites staff of group of income tax high risk to walk into an enterprise, pay tax to the enterprise the circumstance, financial index circumstance, circumstance of increase and decrease of company insurance cost undertakes an analysis, understanding business manages difficult problem, coach industry health grows. Close quarters communication, can win the taxpayer credit to the tax authority not only, OK still more effective answer question of doubtful point of taxation privilege risk, ensure favourable policy falls to real point. 3 it is to fulfil sequel effectively to dog the job. Whole journey of duty Wu personnel serves person of Yu Na duty with high quality, on the foundation that publicizes taxation policy effectively, win taxpayer the effective comply with to tax law, ensure tax payment is seasonable, full frontal put in storage. Dog continuously in the future production runs the company state, provide pay taxes help in time, make sure the enterprise is accurate enjoy taxation privilege policy, invoke management power, compose establishs the relationship soliciting offer of harmonious stability.

南京白宫大酒店 体验

Dispatch of dragon tiger net (Peng Xin of reporter Wang Jun’s reporter) to receive 2019 the arrival of the Spring Festival, build area under administration to be built in all mutual communication communicates platform between unit and community, on January 28, 2019, one is in by the big get-together activity of enterprise of area under administration and dominant of masses of community Party member board bridge is street party of board bridge community group the service center is held. Get-together is in lively ” Beijing good news arrives by the side of stockaded village ” in pull open heavy curtain formally, subsequently, provide for the aged of Le Sai of board bridge subbranch of a bank, love serves postal deposit directive center build unit and community dance band to choose sent dancing, model meticulously to walk along show, Huang Mei in all reading of play, poem, 3 wait partly more than 10 programs appear in succession. Gout motion still alternates among program show, kick shuttlecock, jump dumpling of skip, bag, grab a chair, cast the many classical projects such as rubber ball to use up amid, the masses of each Party member of the spot joins game eagerly in the center, or close automatic hand, or watch boost the morale of. Blast joyous sound laughs language, a joy, auspicious, festive atmosphere, everybody is enjoying the relaxed and satisfied happy days before the section to the top of one’s bent. Finally, the evening party is in ” build Chinese dream in all ” the heavy curtain below decline. Greet activity of series of the 10 or 20 days following Lunar New Year’s Day this to hold to a party to build lead, board bridge community founded a party to build 2018 lead mode, hold water early or late ” lotus · dak ” community of clerical atelier, board bridge ” big Party committee ” . Since clerical atelier holds water, through producing the power of Party member backbone, with project form full resultant force estimates resource, comprehensive promotion Party member serves the capacity that community of masses, service expands. Combine Party member special skill, with the form of masses love to see and hear, begin accord with community dweller the activity of effective demand, help strength humanitarian board bridge construction, activity of series of this the 10 or 20 days following Lunar New Year’s Day writes down atelier to set by the book namely ” eldest sister of the Qin Dynasty ” atelier of culture atelier, sports of peace and happiness undertakes respectively. “Big Party committee ” build community party the job by the past ” monodrama ” turn into present ” cantata ” . Through beginning civilian service, bu Qimin is unripe short board.